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  • I am so proud of how you stand up for what you believe in and are so level headed. If more people would actually listen to what you say instead of always arguing and taking what you say and turning it around, people would learn a lot.

    You would be a great leader for this country. You are open enough to see both sides of the argument, instead of being one sided. For instance, you can't get rid of guns all together, the world would be in a bigger disaray then it is now. But like you said there are laws in place in some states, and they need to be in place nationally, and there are some things that need to be put in place. Thank you for you being real in your thinking, some people don't keep an open enough mind to see the reality of what they are saying. In real life you can't take all guns away, but in real life you can put laws in effect that will keep guns traceable. And also, cars do have a vin # to trace them, but it isn't 100% fail proof, just like the guns will never be 100% fail proof. Even if you were to make them totally illegal, people who want them will find a way to get them. Again thank you and just know there is someone on the other side of the tv screen agreeing with you and love you.