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  • Without E. Hasselback, this show is nothing but overpaid, over-rated hacks being their typically crude, ignorant selves portraying how unprofessional they really are. I know that "crap sells", but this is too much. Fire ev1 BUT Elizabeth.

    Despite the respect I have for the professionalsm shown by Elizabeth Hasselback and the respect that she shows towards others, it is the LACK of professionalsm by the others on the show and the LACK of respect shown to others (except for phonies like themselves) that keeps me from watching the show without the nauseous feeling that continues to rear its ugly head whenever Walters acts like a spoiled, pompous child who can't get her way. Or when Behar tries to act funny. After the interview with John McCain, I can't wait for election day. I am an independent by choice, and, until today, undecided. But if that's the way liberals act, not only will I vote for McCain, I may actually register as a Republican. And even THAT thought is less repugnant than listening to Walters being as rude as she was to McCain. Hey, if John McCain has to ask if he can finish a sentence, if only to get a word in edge-wise, then she was rude....and ignorant.