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  • Thank God for Elisabeth on the View. I use to be a huge Whoopi fan until I listened to her political view. Elisabeth may be the youngest on the panel but apparently the only one with a brain. The way Barbara especially treated Sen. McCain wa

    I hope Elisabeth does leave so I don't have any other reason to watch that horrible show. I have a son in the United States Marines and I thank god for him and other men and women like him. All of the ladies on that show besides the lovely Elisabeth disrespect my son and every other soldier fighting for this country. Barbara was drooling over Obama for whatever reason it sure can't be his phenomenal stance on politics and treated McCain as if he had the Plague.
    No Surprise he himself is a war hero!
    I am very proud to live in this wonderful country, the same wonderful country that Michelle Obama has only been proud of once. Barbara, Whoopi and Joy, why don't you move somewhere that doesn't fight for your freedoms. Where woman have no rights and freedom of speech is still a priviledge. You should be honored to have hero's fighting for you. Unfortunately Hollywood is your only hero and true pain and suffering is unimaginable for you.
    Elisabeth, I am so happy to tell you that you can sleep better tonight because my marine has your back.
    Keep up the good work, and continue to be proud of being a Republican, and an American. Good Luck to you and I hope you can find a much bettr place without all the bitterness and disrespect.