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  • Calm down and expand your mind! Realize that Jesus probably wouldn't have been a straight-ticket Republican!

    As a fellow Christian, it pains me that Elizabeth has such a narrow-minded view of the world and comes across so hot-headed and rude. (yes, she is definitely rude at times, even to Barbara, who is nothing by gracious at all times). I would love if Elizabeth would dare move out of the conservative Republican box she's cemented herself in. As a follower of Jesus, she has to believe that there are times where the conservative stance isn't "what Jesus would do." Yesterday's (9/30) show where Palin came up is a prime example. I think by now, most people recognize that Palin, while I'm sure a delightful person to have a dinner party, a definitely Pro-Lifer, and a good speaker when she has a script, is NOT the best person for the VP and possibly Prez role. But Elizabeth just can't bring herself to admit that. Palin's Pro-life stance does not justify her lack of knowledge in so many areas. While I love a good debate and enjoy shows with sparring on them, too often Elizabeth's yelling is just annoying. I would love to see an original thought, softly spoken. I think that would get her more respect on The View from her co-hosts, rather than her raising her voice and spewing thoughtless rants.