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  • Thank you for being authentic Elizabeth.

    I have read every review posted on this site for Elizabeth and a few are just unfair. I really enjoy the "views" expressed by Elizabeth Hasselbeck. I do not have to agree with everyone of them but I do agree with many of them. She is a stong moral Christian woman and mother who has taken shots from her co-hosts. Go Elizabeth. This mom and teacher in Katy, Texas is very proud of you! Thank you for representing the NFL wives with such grace and style. Keep representing the Body of Christ. I will not talk badly of the other hosts I just will say I do enjoy Sherry Shepherd. I would not even watch if it were not for Sherri and Elizabeth. Woopi is very funny but too... harsh at times.

    I hope the show will try to be more balanced in the topics and "VIEWS" covered. I am an independant and I do not wish to see any more of the extreem left views. Just because that is what the producers think I would be interest in. Try to actually educate your viewers not tell them how to think. Give the viewers a voice.