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  • she is a Lady more than I can say for the others. Talk shows on a whole are worthless. would like to see her on some other show rather the the View.

    she is a ten, a lady in good taste, more than I can say for the others who treat the Guest disrespectfully. Host don't get up and walk off the stage or treat the guests poorly. This young Lady treats the guests in a professional manner, this is to be admired. Talk shows on a whole are worthless, they solve nothing. One should have a discussion not get angry as we know one Whoopy does. she is disrespectful of the guests if they give their opinion and she does not like it she is in poor taste. I have news for her the President of the USA is a public servant to us the people. If we ask for his birth certificate he should make it available to us, he not a King or god he is a man just like other men. treat invited guess in a correct manner or don't invite them. Like who hard can that be to have good manners? Enough said. I am done with the view and a couple of their so called Hosts.