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  • Fantastic

    This pretty young actress brings an entertaining grace and unquestionable talent to the screen.

    My first exposure to Elisabeth Moss came with her appearance in an episode of 'Invasion' titled "The Cradle." For anyone who's never seen this series, watching this episode will get you interested, and Moss is a big part of why. Her screen presence throughout the hour is simply undeniable. Playing the arrogant and knowledgeable Christina, Moss displays a skilled mixture of interesting facial expressions, intriguing pauses, and dazzling confidence -- all complemented by an absolutely beautiful voice. Her performance here is spot-on and perfectly conveys the intended feeling in the script.

    I now count myself as an Elisabeth Moss fan and will definitely be checking out her future projects, with a sincere hope that this deserving actress will find many.
  • Peggy, Peggy, Peggy. The typical naive girl of the 1960's.

    Peggy Olson (elisabeth mosss) Is one of my favorite characters on Mad Men. I kept watching this show because of her and her cute little lines and cute little outfits.

    The part I love the most is the relationship that she has with Pete. Sure he's a total jerk and a total prick but hey, what can I say they have AMAZING chemisty on the screen.

    I can't help myself I'm a total sucker for any sort of messed up and doomed romance. She makes me wonder if I would be that kind of girl if I was her age and lived back then, ohh Peggy how you make me dream.
  • She was excellent in Invasion.

    She played the daughter of Martin Sheen in the West Wing, it was a good role. Her role in Invasion is perhaps the best. She plays a good psychotic teen, and she does it so well, she convincingly projects that evil behavior, it sends chills down your spine. She appeared in just a few episodes of Invasion, but those appearances really pack a punch. I wish there were more episodes, because she makes a really good evil person. I really admire her portrayal of her character in invasion, this is the role that I'll remember her for. If she play other roles in the future I'm sure she can pull it off with her superb acting ability.
  • I think that Liz seems to have expanded her grasp through televison and the movie business.

    I think that the concept behind Girl Interupted is probabaly more true to life than movie goers realize. This movie would be one that I'm sure could have a sequal.

    I think that Liz seems to have expanded her grasp through televison and the movie business.
    I think though that there is a script out there that could make her a bigger star. She has not gotten into that break out role yet.

    I wish her success in her career and hope windows of opportunity open in her future....for some reason, I think she should do more comedies.