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  • Trivia

    • As a kid, Elisabeth used to play "library" in their staircase and made her parents check out books. She also grew an imaginary garden in their backyard, using sticks as seedlings.

    • Elisabeth's role as Christina on the ABC sci-fi drama Invasion was initially intended as a one-episode guest appearance. She was eventually called back to the show as a recurring character.

    • Elisabeth has a fear of heights, spiders, and deep water.

    • Elisabeth considers The Office as her guilty pleasure on television.

    • Elisabeth, along with her Mad Men female co-stars, was listed among Zap2It.com's "Underrated Actors of 2007".

    • Her role as Peggy Olson on Mad Men (2007) is the first television pilot she ever did. She admits that prior to auditioning for the part, she has never tried out for TV a pilot since she started acting in 1988.

    • Elisabeth is 5' 3" (1.60 m) tall.

    • Elisabeth performed the songs "May We Entertain You" and "Baby June and Her Newsboys" in the 1993 movie soundtrack for Gypsy.

    • Elisabeth has appeared in commercials for Secret deodorant and Excedrin Migraine.

    • Elisabeth is one of the many celebrities who belong to the Church of Scientology. Other well-known Scientologists include Tom Cruise, John Travolta, Juliette Lewis, Jenna Elfman among others.

    • In 2002, Elisabeth played Young Franny in Franny's Way in Atlantic Theatre, New York City.

    • Elisabeth's other film credits include Once Upon a Forest (1993), Separate Lives (1995), The Joyriders (1999), Spirit (2001), West of Here (2002), and Temptation (2002).

    • Elisabeth was nominated in 2008 for a SAG Award along with her Mad Men castmates for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

    • Elisabeth graduated two years early from high school.

    • Elisabeth made her debut on screen at the age of six with a minor role in CBS' Lucky/Chances (1990). She first appeared on the big screen with a minor role in Suburban Commando starring Hulk Hogan in 1991.

    • Elizabeth began her ballet training when she was six. She attended the School of American Ballet in New York and also studied under Susan Farrell at the Kennedy Center in Washington D.C.

    • Elisabeth's father, mother and brother are all in the music business. Her father, Ron Moss, is a music manager and a record company owner. Her mother, Linda Moss, plays the blues harmonica.

    • Elisabeth decided to choose acting over ballet, which she also loves.

    • Elisabeth was nominated for a 2001 Young Artist Award of Best Performance in a TV Drama Series - Guest Starring Young Actress in The West Wing.

    • Elisabeth was nominated for a 2004 Independent Spirit Award of Best Female Lead in Virgin. She also won the Director's Choice Award for Best Actress in the 2004 Sedona International Film Festival for the same role.

  • Quotes

    • Elisabeth: I think every role I try to find something that I can relate to, even if it was the smallest thing. With Polly in Girl, Interrupted, what I identified with... was the feeling of maybe displacement and not feeling like you belong. With Zoey, what I find is that we have a similarity in that we're both getting used to coming into the public eye, and even though we might deal with it in a slightly different way, I think I'm more comfortable with it because I chose to be in the public eye. But it's still that same strange feeling.

    • Elisabeth: I think I've always sorta been drawn, I think a lot of actresses are, to Shakespeare's Juliet, just because she goes through so much in that play that it'd be such an incredible arc for any actress to play -- going from the virginal, innocent, naive young girl to such an incredible despair, I think, is one of the saddest moments in literature... would stretch so much more than anything else. So, hopefully, one day...

    • Elisabeth: (on her character in "The West Wing") I think what I enjoy most about playing Zoey is the fact that she's a lot more comfortable and open than I am. That's one of the wonderful things about acting, is that you get to do things that otherwise you would never dream of doing.

    • Elisabeth: I think every day there is some new actress comes out and inspires me to do something else... like Hilary Swank. After she did Boys Don't Cry, I felt this yearning to go out and be even half as good as she was.

    • Elisabeth: I hopefully I have a long career ahead of me. So, frankly, I'm not in any hurry.

    • Elisabeth: (on her role in "Girl, Interrupted") I think the fact that she was disfigured was one of the most intriguing things for me. It's very rare for an actress my age to be offered a role of such substance, and there was no way that I was going to turn it down.

    • Elisabeth: I think my guideline has been to find things that inspire me. And as long as I stick to that, I don't think I'll have any problems crossing over to becoming an adult actress.

    • Elisabeth: I've worked with a lot of great people, so I've gotten a lot of great advice. But I think the one I use the most, I picked up from James Lapine, who directed Earthly Possessions. He told me to take every sentence and figure out exactly what the thought was behind that sentence, and to have a specific thought for every line. And that was something that really opened a lot of doors for me.

    • Elisabeth: I think it's very much a sort of inner feeling that you get when you figure out exactly what that character is thinking. And I think that if you can do that, which is a lot harder than it looks, that's the moment when you really get it. And if you can get that across to the audience, you've done your job. Sometimes you never really know if you've gotten it, and sometimes you never figure it out until you see the final product.

    • Elisabeth: To go from Girl, Interrupted, where I had to cry every day, to a TV show like West Wing where I get to laugh and joke around every day, has been a welcome relief.

    • Elisabeth: There are so many people who go through life thinking, am I insane? Is this crazy what I'm doing or thinking? I hope teens that battle with these questions will see the film and realize they're not as crazy as they once thought because the characters in this film are going through the exact same thing.

    • Elisabeth: (on meeting her "Girl, Interrupted" co-star Winona Ryder) Being that Heathers, Beetlejuice and Age of Innocence are some of my all-time favorite movies, she [Winona Ryder], of course, is one of my idols. I was so nervous to meet her, but she was ten times nicer than I thought she would be.

    • Elisabeth: There's nothing like getting yourself into character and seeing a different person. It really wears on your vanity.

    • Elisabeth: I think one of my biggest influences is Bette Davis. I've seen almost every one of her films, and she's been very inspiring to me.

    • Elisabeth: To play somebody who had such a unique problem and a unique mind was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.