Elisabeth Shue





10/6/1963 , Wilmington, Delaware, USA

Birth Name

Elisabeth Judson Shue




Elisabeth Shue, the 1963 born, never stops to impress her audiences and fans even after more than 20 years of acting. Her first role, as Ralph Macchio's girlfriend in The Karate Kid (1984), which unbelievably turned into a great success, marked her beginning of stardom. Later this year, her next role as a daughter to a military family in Call To Glory, lead her to being well-recognized. With several more roles, and an Oscar nomination in 1995 for her role on Leaving Las Vegas helped her maintain her career after a somewhat medium period.
Elisabeth is mostly recognized as the girl/woman from Call To Glory movie and later TV sequel (starring role), as well as Back To The Future II and III (1989, 1990, as Jennifer Parker), and its TV sequel too. This amazing still-young woman has plenty of years to come.