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  • Love her

    Great in "CSI". Can't believe it is her in "Cocktail" but love her there too.
  • Elisabeth Shue graduated from Harvord University and began acting in 1986 Next Karate Kid 2. Also in 1989 Back to the future 2 and 1990's BTTF3. Caroline in 1994 Blind Justice. Popular in 1997 the Saint(Emma Russell). and 2000 Hollow Man (Linda McKay)

    This girl is really beauty, but the frequency of her nude scenes plus the number of scenes she choose to make love with the actors is the reason why I don't really support Shue. Shue is very pretty and talented, but the nude plus sex scenes already degraded her own fame and image. she is originally a good actress. only if she can improve herself by not accepting so many adult scenes. she can be liked by me and many girls ... Shue is pretty, talented but the level of the obscene, makes me to rate only AVERAGE.