Elise Neal

Elise Neal


3/14/1970, Memphis, Tennesee USA

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Elise Neal, former dancer, kicked up some dust in the media when the native Tennessean guest-starred as a recovering breast cancer patient on a an unforgettable episode of "Chicago Hope" - a serious role that needed some unusual nudity to give information that could help save many breast…more


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  • Elise Neal not returning to all of us.

    I have recently watched the new series of "All of us" and was dissapointed to see Elise Neal was not in this series. She was a great charachter in the show and it simply is not the same without her charachter. There is no mention as to were she has gone which leaves viewers confused as she was a fundimental part of the last series, at least the writers and producers should have written her out to let viewers know what is going on in the show, i.e in the last series she was engaged and planning her wedding to robert who was the main charachter. Then as if by magic she disappears never to be mentioned in the series at all. I myself as a fan of the show had to do a bit of looking on the internet and found out that she had left due to her not being paid properly, I don't know if this is true but this is all the information I have got. In conclusion I think Elise is a great actress and wish her all the best in her futures roles, she is a great loss to "All fo us".moreless