Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert


11/30/1982, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Birth Name

Elisha Ann Cuthbert


  • Elisha Cuthbert on Happy Endings Season 2.
  • Elisha Cuthbert and Zachary Knighton on ...
  • Elisha Cuthbert as Alex on Happy Endings.
  • Elisha Cuthbert as Alex on Happy Endings.
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Elisha Cuthbert started her television career on Popular Mechanics For Kids at the age of 15.

She then starred in Are You Afraid of the Dark? as an extra, and was soon invited back as a regular.

She has also had many recent movie appearances including Old School,…more


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    • Elisha: I do believe that when you know better, you do better. You know what was wrong about the last relationship, and hopefully you will do better the next time.

    • Elisha: (on her record collection) I have lots of records, quite a collection, actually, that I stole from my mom. I have the original 'Thriller' album and I have a really great 'Elton John's Greatest Hits,' and I also have a N.E.R.D. album. Records sound more original. They have more edge.

    • Elisha: (on being responsible) I really know right from wrong and apply that to my life. At home, I was the oldest of three. My role was to be the responsible one.

    • Elisha: I'm a regular Canadian girl. I enjoy staying home. In the summer I've got a garden. I'm very much a homebody, a normal, family-oriented girl. But I do have this other incredible side of my life that involves acting and traveling.

    • Elisha: (on gaining maturity) When I was 20, I thought I was 30 - but I was so far from it. When you're young, you want everything to happen now. As you mature, you can look back and see all the great things you achieved with time and patience.

    • Elisha: (on her favorite romantic food) There's nothing more romantic than Italian food.

    • Elisha: Some of the things I've seen a lot of my female-actress friends who are relatively famous receive - I've seen some hideous things. Like some really, really bad things... like, the FBI should be contacted immediately.

    • Elisha: (on the early stages of the movie making process) It's amazing that for actors mostly, it's a risk to attach yourself to a film that you don't know whether or not it's going to even be made and if you sign on, in doing so, who else is going to be in the movie with you.

    • Elisha: (on her 24's co-star, Kiefer Sutherland) He taught me not to read anything in the media or on the Internet. He's definitely a long-time mentor to me.

    • Elisha: (on video games and comic books) I'm a huge fan of video games and comic books. I'm not die-hard or anything, but I definitely appreciate the art in it, which is really cool.

    • Elisha: (on her personality) I'm very mellow. I think if I hadn't become an actress, I would've lived the simple life. You know, get married and sit on my porch.

    • Elisha: (on her home town of Montreal) With friends and family in Montreal, it's always in the back of my mind. I like going back. I miss the nightlife. It's such a great city. I've been a lot of places in the world, and I'm sure I'm biased because I grew up there, but I love it.

    • Elisha: (on her appearance on the music video for Weezer) I remember just sort of thinking I'm not going to get to do this too, too often, so I just went crazy and threw alcohol around. I was acting ridiculous and screaming at everybody and throwing a fit.

    • Elisha: (on her role in 24) From the beginning you could tell that it was something really different and it was 10 years of my life. I went from being an 18-year-old girl to a woman. I'm not knocking 24, but after playing a character like Kim, you can't help wanting to do something completely different. The criticism didn't hurt me. I wasn't writing the story lines, I was just doing the best job I could.

    • Elisha: (on the difference between comedy and drama roles) In drama, you coast along your own plot line and know where your character is going.

    • Elisha: (on her being fun off set) Off set, I'm always dancing and acting like an idiot. I'm kind of goofy and do stupid things. Am I comic genius? I don't know. But I can be funny.

    • Elisha: (on her new pixie short hair) Actually I had been wanting to shave my head for a long time because I'm young and I don't think I'd be able to do it when I'm older. But [after Britney's episode,] shaving your head seems to be a bad deal, so I opted for the short cut.

    • Elisha: (on moving from Montreal to L.A. at 17) I just went with my gut feeling and thought that if I care this much about what I'm doing, then maybe there are opportunities elsewhere and I'd be stupid not to give it a try.

    • Elisha: I believe not giving up on doing things.

    • Elisha: (on wearing the same clothes on 24) At the time, Sex and the City was in its prime and I remember thinking, 'God, those girl are so lucky! They got to wear all these different outfits and I'm stuck in the same thing for ten months.'

    • Elisha: I definitely believe in fate. And I believe what you put in is what you get in return. That's the way it's worked for me. As for the big picture - there's some sort of plan.

    • Elisha(on her opinion of nude scenes) I just don't feel it's necessary. First of all, I'm not comfortable with it. Two, I think you can be a leading lady and not be naked. I think you can still pull off an idea of a film and make the character believable without going there.

    • Elisha(on her love scene in The Girl Next Door) You mean making love to a box? Because that's exactly what it was. I don't know. You do the best you can, I guess. I think the love aspect of it all was the drawing point for me, I mean, just the chemistry and all that.

    • Elisha(on her role in The Girl Next Door) I'm trying to pick projects that I feel somewhat connected to, and I didn't feel like I was anything like this character, but I read the script going, I know what I want to do with this scene, I know what I want to do with that scene.

    • Elisha: (on her movie The Girl Next Door) I had come off of doing Old School and Love Actually – small parts that didn't have the weight of the film riding on my shoulders. I wanted something to kind of showcase more of a range of emotions.

    • Elisha: I am a big horror fan. I've always gone to see horror films. A lot of horror films scared me as a kid. In particular was Fire in the Sky. Anything that had to do with extra terrestrials scared the crap out of me. Some people, the religion thing freaks them out, or whatever it may be - ghost vampires - but aliens did it for me.

    • Elisha(on her fear of flying) I always get on the plane with my right foot first. I pray a lot. I always talk to my mom before I get on a flight. There's all kinds of things, but I try not to be a psycho about it. I realize with my job that I have to fly so I kind do bite my lip and go for it, but there's always that fear in the back of my mind.

    • Elisha(on her fear of flying) Flying. That's my most…I think I worry about it so much. I think fear comes from a lack of knowledge as far as…anyway for me, the fact that I don't understand how a 40 ton craft somehow maneuvers itself in the air and I'm 106lb and I can't lift off at any means. It just doesn't feel safe. So I think it's the unknown. Yeah, flying is definitely frightening.

    • Elisha(on her possibly doing theater work) Yeah, you know, I'm interested in it. It's a different style. It's a whole different form of acting. Right now, I'm just really focused on the film and stuff, but yeah I'd love to. It's a long process though because it's live and it's obviously a grueling schedule and it takes up a lot of time, which I don't have because of the show. Maybe eventually.

    • Elisha: (on going to Hockey games) I try really hard after the games not to make too many comments about how I thought the guys performed. I mean I don't know how I'd feel if one them came up to me after a scene and said, 'I don't know if that was believable enough.'

    • Elisha: It's me who usually approaches a guy. Except this one guy who tried to pull my bikini string. It was quite embarrassing, but then I went on a date with him.

    • Elisha: I'm actually more productive at night. The morning freaks me out for some reason... I have no problem going to bed at four in the morning and waking up at four in the afternoon.

    • Elisha: I was a real freak when I was a kid. I thought aliens were going to come after me. If I saw something in the sky, I wouldn't make direct eye contact, because I thought it would take me away.

    • Elisha: I got a surprise birthday party, and I had a cake that was shaped as a driver's license. It looked just like me. And then I partied until 2:30 in the morning. I got really drunk and finished off a bottle of Jack Daniel's.

    • Elisha: I usually get up around one o'clock. And the first thing I do is eat.

    • Elisha: I'm very mellow. I think if I hadn't become an actress, I would've lived the simple life. You know, get married and sit on my porch.

    • Elisha: It was a little bit voyeuristic and also I'm one of the youngest on the show and I want to show things like that sometimes. I think that'll be the only moment on the show that will get that risque, so I hope everyone enjoyed it.

    • Elisha: I don't ever want to be doing the same sort of thing, I never want to be typecast, because I have way too much to give to be sort of, to always be the hot chick in the movie.

    • Elisha: I was lucky, I found what I wanted to do when I was 11.

    • Elisha(about having to wear the same clothes all season on 24) I feel like I'm one of the Simpsons.

  • elisha you are so beautiful OMG

    I know for a fact this girl is the hottest thing around, she gave an amazing performance as danielle in the girl next door. Just her eyes and her smile say it all you know i never seen anyone so flawless in my life, also everyone has there moments if you know what i mean but everything she does just comes out to be perfect. What i really loved is how they chose her name to be Athena as a porn star because personally i think she is a goddess. Call me desperite, lmao but i dont understand how someone could be so beautiful.moreless
  • The only reason i got Season one and two of 24 is for her, and her only!!!!!

    She is sooooooooooo absoultly smoking hot in this show. the only reason why i got this series (season 1 and 2) is so i can just freeze frame on her whenever i want!!!!!!!!! not only is she very hot looking, but she can act as well. i have been a fan of her\'s since the old tv series that she was on back when she was a teenanger Popular Mechanics For Kids, and i also liked the tv movie My Daughter\'s Secret Life (in Canada, it was known under the name Lucky Girl). I have the uncensored version of this movie and it is by far better than the original.moreless