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  • elisha you are so beautiful OMG

    I know for a fact this girl is the hottest thing around, she gave an amazing performance as danielle in the girl next door. Just her eyes and her smile say it all you know i never seen anyone so flawless in my life, also everyone has there moments if you know what i mean but everything she does just comes out to be perfect. What i really loved is how they chose her name to be Athena as a porn star because personally i think she is a goddess. Call me desperite, lmao but i dont understand how someone could be so beautiful.
  • The only reason i got Season one and two of 24 is for her, and her only!!!!!

    She is sooooooooooo absoultly smoking hot in this show. the only reason why i got this series (season 1 and 2) is so i can just freeze frame on her whenever i want!!!!!!!!! not only is she very hot looking, but she can act as well. i have been a fan of her\'s since the old tv series that she was on back when she was a teenanger Popular Mechanics For Kids, and i also liked the tv movie My Daughter\'s Secret Life (in Canada, it was known under the name Lucky Girl). I have the uncensored version of this movie and it is by far better than the original.
  • a talented and beautiful actress

    Elisha Cuthbert is one of my favourite actresses. I love most of her films and her role in 24 was pretty cool. Except her beauty, she knows how to act. The Girl Next Door was a good film and it was good to watch her in a romantic comedy. In 24 she appears as kim bauer,jack bauer's daughter an her role in first season was worth watching. I would want to see her more in 24,she appeared in a few episodes in fifth season i think but that was all.she is a great actress and she is so pretty. I will keep watching her.
  • empty

    I like her style, and I would like her to appear in more movies, I have seen her in movies like "The Girl Next Door" and she knows how to act, she is really good in her job. Most of her filmography has not been the greatest, but I like to think that she is just learning and that sooner or later, she will end up in a good movie. She is great actress.
  • empty

    I'm actually really impressed with the acting skills of Elisha Cuthbert. Yes, her acting on "24" leaves something to be desired, but she really performs well in the few movies that she has been in.
  • I dont want to list all the things i know about Elisha Cuthbert, so i'll just give you the reasons i think she is so great. First off one of the prettiest actresses insane family. It's because of her i've seen the movie so much. Then there is the girl

    I dont want to list all the things i know about Elisha Cuthbert, so i'll just give you the reasons i think she is so great. First off one of the prettiest actresses in the business. She played an awesome role in House of Wax, as Carly Jones. The frightened yet not shaken hostage of an insane family. It's because of her i've seen the movie so much. Then there is the girl next door, starring the lovely Cuthbert as an ex-porn star, giving up the business to live the life she wanted. And let's not forget her apperance in weezer's Perfect Situation. All in all, Elisha is beautiful, smart, and just the person you want to meet. Thank you for your movies Elisha, if you star in them, I'll be sure to see them.
  • exceptionally hot. can't stop looking at her whenever she gets on my tv or on the big screen.

    One of the hottest actress' in the business and she's only in her early 20's. Not only is she exceptionally hot, but she's also a great actress. She was only supposed to be in season 1 of 24 but Keifer liked her acting skills so well that he requested that she be signed for the next couple of seasons. Her movies have been subpar but it's not entirely her fault. Bad story lines, poor directing and casting have helped ruin the movies that she has played. Take House of Wax for example. Awful movie, awful cast, poor directing. Elisha did play a great role in the movie but i'm afraid that Paris Hilton (who should not have been in the movie and should not be acting at all) ruined it. she looked exceptionally good as a brunette but I do like her has a blonde though.
  • Elisha - one of the hottest actors around.

    Elisha Cuthbert has everything that a show needs, she's got a great acting style, great personality, sex appeal and is a natural on the screen.

    I first saw her in the top US show 24, where she played Kim, one of the lead characters. I personally thought she played the role with perfection. Her personer and viberance on screen was just what the show needed. I also thought she was fantastic during the action scenes, which is an area that normaly lets lesser actors down.

    I have also seen her in the film "House of Wax" where again she excelled. The scripting of this film was not brilliant, but Elisha still managed to make the film a massive success with shear talent. Her sex appeal also stood up against the ever popular Paris Hilton who co-starred in the same film. Again it was the more extreme scenes that most actors shy away from, that Elsiha excelled at. Her emotions and pains there for all to see, and they seemed realistic, and convinced the viewer (well, me anyway), that she was feeling the situation she finds herself in.

    Surely Elisha is one of the best actresses around at the moment. If I was making a film, she would be at the top of my list for the leading lady without a second thought.
  • wow

    first time i saw her was on the movie girl next door and i was like omg she is beautifull. she is #2 on my list behind rachel. She was originally number 1 but yea things change. She is gorgeous with an amazing body wow. she is like the girl next door.
  • I love you elisha you are mi life

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  • Elisha Cuthbert is a very talented actress who brought a lot to the show 24. She was more than just eye candy, even though that was a plus. She had great range as an actress and played her role as Kim Bauer perfectly.

    Elisha Cuthbert is a very talented actress who brought a lot to the show 24. She was more than just eye candy, even though that was a plus. She had great range as an actress and played her role as Kim Bauer perfectly. I've seen some of her recent movies and she shows off her acting skills in those as well. The movies, themselves, have been somewhat dissapointing and none of them showed off her acting range like 24.
    Elisha wasn't in the fourth season of 24 because she was working on her movie career but if her sheduling allows it, she may, and should, return to 24 for it's 5th season starting this January.
  • "24" will have a difficult time recovering what she brought to the show.

    The first two seasons when she was flouncy and always in trouble was half the draw of the program. The third season was such a disappointment, since she was seriously wasted, I assume being paid more elswhere to act in other media. Then came nothing. Come on, we all liked her pleasing girlishness teasing even the least perverted of any of us. She was just a pretty thing to watch and added a great deal to the actual show. She was not just window dressing, ever. She could never be called a great actress, yet. That was not her role. Her dad had the world to save and her, too. Her scenes in the bomb shelter with the Dillon kid were classic.

    Sutherland can carry the show, but his would-be girlfriend this last season was horrible. I am pretty sure he would go for a woman instead.

    Next time(season) contracts are held up by the agents of the principles and they finally show up in episodes after filming has started without them, as a trump card being played by the network, they should be ashamed of the process. Pay them the money and get them all there to start. It was so obvious even the order in which contracts were finally signed.
  • She amazes me (not just in looks, but in talent)

    Elisha is a young Hollywood Actress! We should all expect her to be in more serious roles later in the future! After playing the infamous "porn"star in The Girl Next Door, we all knew that she was going to make it somewhere! I mean, it was because of her looks! She is one most gorgeous actresses today in Hollywood! After seeing House of Wax, I know that Elisha will be taking more serious Silver-screen roles later on! She's amazing!