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  • Amazing.

    Really, any role that Eliza had was wonderful and made me fall in love with the character. There is just something about this actress that is so wonderful, intriguing and interesting. Plus, her characters are always so mysterious, and I find myself ready to find out what's next for the character.

    First and foremost, her biggest role in my opinion was Faith on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel." That's the role that defined her as a great actress to me. Then there was "Tru Calling" where she played a different character, and she was very great in it, just like she was in her other project "Dollhouse." Really, Eliza was the most important reason why I watched that show.

    I can't wait to see her in some other role, but I hope it will be something that lasts longer than the last two series she was the main star in.
  • Eliza is an awesome actress because she has done many cool movie rules like a mean girl turn cheerleader in The new guy. Or some sweet girl to complete men's fantasy for a price! Also she proves that in her movie roles that she not just a pretty face.

    I love Eliza Dushku because she is a funny actress she been in the comedy cheerleader flick Bring it on. She was the lovely interest of this loser trying to make a name for himself in the movie the new guy. She did pretty good when she had her appearances in Buffy. And in Dollhouse she plays echo a beautiful girl for hire and she kicks butt if men try to screw with her. Overall Eliza Dushku is not the beautiful girl next door she also an awesome actress. She can play many roles and 99.9% of the time her TV shows and movies are all entertaining. I think she be around for a long time. She just that awesome the whole package talented/beautiful/ and she just stands out overall Eliza Dushku will always be one of my all time favorite actress's.
  • Only reason why I'm watching Dollhouse.

    Eliza Dushku is one of the sexiest actresses working on television today. I love her performance in "dollhouse" and I love her picture spread in maxim. She's is a grogeous actress and even her name is beautiful. I love to watch her minute by minute on the show. I hope the show succeeds. I heard that ABC's "Super Nanny" is beat "Dollhouse" in the ratings. I'm sticking by "Dollhouse" and the real reason is Eliza. She's grogeous to watch. I took last friday off, so I hope the ratings didn't go down. But the best reason why I'm watching "Dollhouse" is because of beautiful women like Eliza Dushku.
  • Great actress!

    Oh my gosh! I love Eliza Dushku. She is an excellent actress. I loved her work on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the few episodes she did on Angel. She lights up the screen and uses her eyes very well to compel you to care about the character she's playing. She is affirmative in her lines and dedicated to doing her best in every role. Also, have you seen her lately? She is stunning. Gorgeous, beautiful, pretty. All of them. Her smile is to die for too! Just writing this review makes me love her even more. Eliza is very talented and Dollhouse looks very good from the pilot. I look forward to seeing Eliza is future television shows and movies.
  • Eliza Dushku saves life's in Tight Tank Top!!

    Eliza Dushku Is my role model. She started off in life like many other ppl. She had Brown hair and gawjuss peircin brown eyes. She has stared in Wrong Turn and many other movies, but her fame came when she played the role of Faith Lehane in The Hit TV Series Buffy The Vampire Slayer!! But recently Joss whedon (the crteator of buffy) has been workin on a new tv series; Dollhouse. And he has chosen the one and only eliza to play the lead as a young teenage girl who goes by the name Echo! If u love action, Fit Girls, Mysteries, And puzzle solving questions. Then Dollhouse is the thing for you! CHECK IT OUT!! XXXX
  • Awesome

    For anyone who hasnt doesnt know her, she is super hot and a great actress. I'm glad to see a network finally gave her a show (www.dollhousefox.com). After seeing her in Buffy & Angel, I'm excited to see her working with Joss Whedon again. Hot body and she just oozes sex. Even though the friday time slot is usually death for a television series. I think Eliza will keep the screen so steamy we will be canceling all of our plans on fridays between now and the fall. Don't forget to tune in and watch starting Friday February 13th on Fox.
  • You got to love her.

    I loved her as Faith in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and in the show Angel. The bad _ _ _ slayer, with a bad past and a uncertain futcher. The Yang to Buffy's Ying. Dark vs. light. Then she enters the show Angel, trying to kill angel and slowly starting on the path of redemshion. She was fun to watch, either butting heads with the cast of Buffy or Angel, or fighting side by side, in the good fight.

    And in her staring role as Tru in Tru Calling, a short lived show about a girl who relives the day after being asked for help by the dead. She played a sad girl who had not got over the death of her mother. Of all the roles she's played these are my two favorites.
  • Talented and so beautiful!

    Eliza Dushku is the best actress in the world!! I loved her as Faith in Buffy and Tru in Tru Calling. She's the best! She has a really nice soothing voice and her acting is brilliant. She's beautiful, unique, smart and I'm surprised that she doesn't have bigger roles. Give her another show, seriously!! Once a week I have to watch something with Eliza Dushku in it because she's amazing! She was the only reason why I watched Buffy and Tru Calling religiously. Ahh now I have nothing to say. Eliza will always be my favourite actress and I can't wait to see more of her work!
  • Looking for perfection? Let's talk Dushku :)

    When I talk about Eliza Dushku people always ask... "Who is she?", these people need to be woken up quickly! They are missing out. Dushku is possibly the most talented, beautiful and intelligent actress there will ever be and yet she is not as well known as she should be. It annoys me so so much. Her talent is shown through her amazing acting ability, take Faith Lehane (Buffy The Vampire Slayer) for instance. Dushku had such a difficult task with the character of Faith yet she pulled off the part with 100% Flawlessness! She was able to maintain a unique and quirky dialogue and at the same time be the damaged bad girl with a brave face, the friendless drifter who hid all emotions yet hinted pain and sadness! You couldn't ask for more! As for her beauty... this girl would look good in a bin bag! Her intelligence shines through her ability to master any role she is given, especially when that show involves technical medical jargon such as 'Tru Calling.' Dushku as Tru, one word... faultless, why that show was cancelled I have no idea! Anyway that's my small take on the Boston born marvel :)
  • This girl is just perfect.

    This girl is just perfect, No matter how many others I got a crush on I end up wishing it was Eliza in the show.
    She's just so beautiful youll drown in her eyes, And something she has that many others think they do but dont, Is MOVES, Heck yeah, When she starts dancing, Men starts drooling ;)

    But enough of that, Shes also very talented, Most people probably know her as Faith in Buffy The Vampire Slayer & Angel, She also had her own show a bit though it didnt run very long, Nonetheless its really good and I recommend watching it, Its called Tru Calling.
    You might also see her in a few comedy's such as Bring It On, The New Guy, Jay And Silent Bob, And the horror Wrong Turn.
    She started acting early so you might also catch her in some older movies as a 12 year old, When she was 14 she did True Lies with Arnold Scwarzenegger.
  • Eliza is perfection.

    Eliza Dushku is the type of woman that makes me think of my sexuality. I'm not kidding when I say she is fantastic in all retrospects. And aside from her looks, she is a talented actress. Not only can she play evil slayers like Faith, but she can play victims (Wrong Turn), the hero in Tru Calling, and just your average cute girl (The Kiss). I enjoy Eliza Dushku very much and I wish she was in more things. I haven't really heard about her doing much of anything and that makes me sad. I always try to support actors/actresses in anything they do.
  • Great actress

    I really liked eliza when she was in buffy the vampire slayer i liked her better when she wasnt evil though lol so in season 2 or 3 i cnt remember which lol and in season 7. I think that there was no 1 else who could of played faith she was the best actress 4 it and i liked it when buffy and faith use 2 fight it was funny lol and then buffy finished and she started her own tv show called Tru calling which i love i like buffy better but i think its a really gd show and again she was the best person 4 the role of tru, i wish it hadnt finished so early coz it was really gd and could of been even better if the had carried on with the show lol so overal i think she is a really talented actress.
  • the perfect girl ever Date of Birth: 30 December 1980, Boston, Massachusetts, USA Birth Name: Eliza Patricia Dushku Nickname: Duck Shoot Height: 5' 5" (1.65 m)

    she was discovered at the end of a five-month search throughout the United States for the perfect girl to play the lead role of Alice opposite Juliette Lewis in the film That Night (1992). Since then, she has been in several films and has worked with actors such as Robert De Niro, Ellen Barkin, Leonardo DiCaprio, Paul Reiser, and James Belushi. Born in Boston on December 30, 1980, she has studied the piano, drums, and several types of dance (jazz, tap, and ballet). Her previous acting experience includes numerous amateur presentations at the Watertown Children's Theater where she was part of the company since she was in the first grade. In addition to acting, she is sometimes seen on stage at the Children's Theater signing for the deaf.
  • Faith and Tru are amazing.

    She is such a talented actress. She could be so much more famous and get so many more roles on tv. Tru Calling is one of my favorite tv shows of all time and they cancelled it. I wish she would have take the Faith: The Vampire Slayer spin off show. Wrong Turn is also one of my favorite movies and Bring It On is hilarious. I hope her show on FOX gets picked up... I'm am sure that if they do i will tune in every week to watch it. Eliza Dushku is an underated actress that can be so much more.
  • Bring it on!

    Eliza Dushku is a very talented actress who has been in a variety of films and TV, starting with Buffy The Vampire Slayer, she was the slayer turned bad slayer, Faith who eventually did good, she also popped up in Angel. Her show Tru Calling was cancelled during its second season. Her filmography includes chick flick Bring it on, True Lies, Wrong Turn and the hilarious Jay And Silent Bob Strike Back. Eliza is a gorgeous young lady who should be more in the public light. You may say that she is a Tru Slayer (as a pun to her two man TV roles)
  • A tru slayer!!!!!!!!!!

    i think shes great i ove her work i'm a big fan of buffy and angel and her character faith is five by five! Then when she got her own show tru calling it was great i loved it then fox cancelled it like they do with all great shows!! But instead of tru coming back i want her to get her own show Faith!!! In the show i would like to see some fimlliar faces!! if not i want to see her in other shows cause i miss her acting its great!! I mean theres so many supernatural shows now!! she would be great in all of them!!!
  • Eliza Dushku was born in Watertown, Massachusett. She has three brothers Aaron, Ben, and Nate. Eliza played the role Faith on BTVS and also made guest appearances on Angel. In 2003, she also starred as Tru Davies in the FOX series Tru Calling.

    Eliza Dushku is one of my favorite actresses. I love all the roles she plays, whether it is in movies or on tv. Even though Tru Calling got cancelled, I think this is when I loved her the most. I did enjoy watching her on Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Faith though. I loved it when she played Faith because Faith had this hard core thing about her, but she did also have a innocent side. As I think about it now the character Ana Lucia (from Lost) reminds me of Faith. Eliza Dushku will always be one of my faorites. :)
  • She rox my sox!!!

    Eliza Dushku is an amazing actress. She has made some great contributions to the acting community. In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, as faith, Eliza makes the whole show better by playing a rebellious teenage vampire slayer. She brings Jay and Silent Bob to life with her amazing Tae Kwon Do (howver you spell it) skills. Even as a ten year old girl, Eliza makes That Night a very enjoyable movie to watch. I can't possibly forget wrong turn. That movie would not be nearly as good as it is without her great acting. I love everything Eliza is in, and i think she is far too underrated.
  • she is my favoriee actress.

    Eliza is a really great actress. I especially like her charater Faith on Buffy and Angel. She is amazing and really brings her charater to life. She makes her seem so bad but still so cool. You can really tell that she puts a lot into her roles and really has fun doiing them because it shows. I really think Eliza is really underrated. She deserves more for all that she has done. She needs a good show, one that they do not cancel like they did to Tru Calling. Though I did enjoy Tru Calling and i think it was wrongfully canceled.
  • empty

    She was terrific on "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "Angel"

    She is absolutely stunningly beautiful.
  • My favorite actress.

    Eliza Dushku is amazing. She's one of my favorite actresses ever and is severely underrated. Why isn't she doing more TV and movies? Well, let me correct myself, because as of the writing of this review she is set to have around FIVE movies released this year, which is amazing. But none of them are "big" movies, which she deserves.

    I'd love to see Eliza get a new TV series, as a lead. Preferrably something in the horror/supernatural genere, but I'd watch her in anything. I'd also like to see her have a role on The CW's "Supernatural".

    Eliza is an amazingly hot, beautiful, and talented actress who deserves more credit. I will gladly watch any movie or TV show she's in.

    Also, I respect her a lot because of her decision not to ever do a nude scene. Makes her even sexier in my book.
  • Eliza Dushku is a girl with a lot of potential. She has played the bad girl time and again, fantastically I might add, and has played other roles that have not been as successful. She is highly underrated!

    Eliza Dushku is fantastic. Her role as Faith on Buffy marked an era in my adolescent life. I loved the character development and I feel she played that role to the hilt. Third season went down as my favorite season ever, and her guest spots in fourth season Buffy, recurring role on Angel, and again to wrap up their seasons was an excellent way to showcase a well-scripted character. Her run on the show Tru Calling started shaky. This character was less defined than Faith, instead she was a girl with a gift (been there, done that) but had more knowledge edge than blade-of-a-knife edge. At first the show was just good - good acting, good concept, good basic episode to episode storylines. It had no great connecting factor. By the time the Jack storyline came along the show finally scored the cohesive connector it needed to become great. Finally the relive-the-day thing finally had a point and the whole story line was going somewhere. Shame the show got cancelled just as it became good. Besides those huge roles, every little guest spot she's been on has been fun and cute and well played. Cheers to Eliza Dushku, the only girl that would make me leave my happy home of heterosexualtiy for some steamy girl-on-girl action. Okay, maybe I'm overdoing it, but she's talented, she's fun on screen, and let's face it, she's kinda hott.
  • empty

    Not being a fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" or "Angel," I never really got a chance to see much of Eliza's work. However, I have seen most of her movies, including the retro "True Lies" in which she plays "The Governator's" daughter. She is a decent actress with a unique look, but I don't think she's anything special.
  • great actress!!

    Eliza Dushku is one of my favorite actors. She played two totally oposite rolls. On buffy and angel she was Faith this tough bad girl. Even though her character was really bad I still liked her because the character was backed up by great acting. Then she was on Tru calling as Tru, she could relive days. Eliza was brilliant as her, she was smart with not too much faith like attitude. Whatever she is on I will gladly watch and enjoy it. Eliza is one of my favorite actors and probobly will stay that way for a long time.
  • Fantastic actress

    I love Eliza and that\'s all there is to say about it well not really.

    Okay she was so awesome in Buffy, Angel, and Tru Calling obviously. I loved how her character (Faith) in Buffy was like the complete opposite but completely the same as her character (Tru) an Tru Calling.

    I think that no matter what I see her in she will always have that bad girl vibe going for her. She does an amazing job at the whole bad girl thing even if she is kind of the good guy in Tru Calling.

    Eliza is an amazing actress and incredibly gorgeous too. I look forward to seeing her on other shows. I think she'd be cool as a guest star on Bones.
  • one of the top actress' ive seen!

    eliza dushku is a A-M-A-Z-I-N-G actress, shes underrated though, she shouldve had a spin off show from buffy but i guess that wouldve been too hard :( but she always plays strong characters (eg. faith, buffy the vampire slayer and someone in wrong turn a film but i unfortunatly cant remember her name) she is one talented actress and should get an award (unless she already has one) but she is great and you must see something with her in it! be it buffy, wrong turn, tru calling it doesnt matter, shes a very likeable actress and even my parents like her!! :O
  • my idol of all time!

    eliza dushku is my idol.she is a bad chick definlety.she needs to do more movies.i haven't seen her in any movies lately.

    eliza dushku in buffy the vampire slayer as faith and she was a slayer.faith and buffy were they worked as a team they were good for sure.eliza is a great actress.
  • She deserves to be on tv more

    She's an extremely talented actress but all people see her as is Faith, don't get me wrong, she was absolutley perfect for the role, but she was equally as brilliant as the role of Tru Davies (still cant believe that show got cancelled, its one of my all time faves). She was also great in wrong turn, before watching it i was like, ''oh great, another teen slasher movie'' but i was pleasantly surprised and went out and bought it on release. She well deserves more leading roles and another tv show of her own. She's very underrated and we need her back on our screens!.
  • She truely is Faith the Vampire Hunter.

    Whenever she's on screen you can be sure she uses her incredible skills to portray her character. But the one and only role she was born to portray is Faith from Buffy The Vampire Slayer. No other recurring character found as a large number of fans as she did. It is just incredible. She so deserves her own show. Unfortunately all plans to do so are history. So we can only hope to see this amazing and gorgeous actress in more of Hollywood's big productions. That she has got what it takes to star as a the central character of a movie she already proved in wrong turn. Give us more Eliza.
  • With a deep, low, and husky roughness to her sexually unique voice, Eliza Dushku has gained one of the biggest following from fans of her famed bad girl role in Faith from the "Buffy" franchise.

    The first time I ever layed eyes on Eliza Dushku was in the drama "That Night". I was quite piqued by her presence, but I hadn't thought much beyond that. Many, many years later, I see a preview for a film called "Soul Survivors", which looks especially bad. Even so, a young actress that appears in it grabs my attention. She is stunning and dark. I investigate this actress only to find out that she's that little girl in that Juliet Lewis flick! Naturally, I feel I have been away once I come to find that many people already love this actress. Where have I been? I totally dig this hottie! Well, I came to enjoying her very talent in no time. I remember when the "Bring it On" film came out, and I remember shoving it away like a piece of dirt. I saw it eventually, for the sake of seeing Dushku. By the time 2002 was present, I was a full fan, enjoying her work. Later came "Wrong Turn" and the fantastic sci-fi "Tru Calling".
    At this rate, I can say easily, that I enjoy the edge that Dushku brings to the screen. She has a dramatic look of classic beauty that instantly makes you interested in her. She is wonderful watch, no matter what role she is in. She takes charge, and she enjoys what she's doing. I look forward to much more from Dushku. She is an original actress, who still shapes many aspects of these times.
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