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  • eliza is trying her best with what she has and the only lady on survivor doing that. she is not settling for second best.

    i would tell eliza that i get sick for kiddos. maria that is navajo has done it to me for over 10 years. and eliza is the only one on survivor that wants to do it for the kiddos. the man on the american idol called her miss priss I call her miss universe. he says potato. I write nelson mandella and apologize for the loss of his son. and that man does nothing. not even the president wrote the AMC. I even wrote Boston.com directed to coretta scott king. Not even his butt done that.eliza is the hottest babe in reality television history. remember on the show "Some like it hot" that was marylin monroe. that dress costs 250,000 dollars. maria has done it to me 454 times. I am looking at todays rates at about 84 billion dollars. I could start my own stimulus package in this earth. 10 years ago there was a e coli outbreak in canda and 6 was deadand 57 people dying and i was on the ground for 3 hours and then there was a t.b. outbreak in a local high school and as long as they are not quarannteened it is good. then there is a time that a little lady downstairs knows that maria that is navajo showsup in my apartment when she has a slumber party with her friend lou at 3 in the morning when I woke up in my blood puke. I woke up in my own blood at 3 in the morning and leslie is running around because she thinks pinky is upstairs. maria got a pink cadillac from mary kay. I actually saw her in her new cadillac. 10 years ago. as for eliza. she is the hottest babe on reality television. you can count on her. when I wrote president bush. after hurricane katrina 3 days after katrina when a 5 year old child is setting there on national television telling the world that somebody rolled his mother into the water because she died of dehydration. I wrote the red cross. I do not care what you want to read into this. I wrote rupert boneham and ethan zohn. eliza is the finest lady to ever walk the show. let me tell you I wanted rupeert to help doctors without borders. they do not have any men like the tsunami in sri lanka. 250,000 dead. I have no friends down here. just men that i AM looking for. larry e. ferguson Jr. 3233 bonnie dr. apt. 221 ft. worth. tx. 76116. eliza is the hottest babe going and i even like the commercals buying the marylin monroe dress for 250,000dollars. "some like it hot" then the naughty nurse when she rubs a soda can on her boobs. and then the maid when she wipes a window back and forth instead of up and down so there is butt jiggle. and the little leslie downstairs hitting the little **** of hawaiian punch with her david beckham kick. she loves soccer and knock the fire out of that little thing.
  • Miss Priss!

    I didn't like Eliza at all because she thought that
    She was Miss Priss and acted like a big fish
    In a small pond. I mean, she made it to fourth
    Place and that she got sad and mad about Chris portraying
    Her! Just thought that she was a spoiled little you know
    What and at times, I would had hauled off an shaked the you know what out of her!