Eliza Taylor

Eliza Taylor


10/24/1989, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

Eliza Jane Taylor-Cotter



Also Known As

Elisa Taylor Cotter, Eliza Taylor-Cotte
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Eliza is an Australian actress, best known for her roles in the TV series Neighbours (Australia) and The 100 (US).


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    • Eliza: (on her role in the movie November Man) This movie was a very big deal for me. I got a call saying that I need to test for this role and after landing it, the next day they're putting me on a plane to Serbia. It was mental. It was an incredible experience, especially working with Pierce Brosnan. When I told my mom, she literally lost it. She's a huge fan

    • Eliza: (on the pressure of acting) I feel like a lot of people in the industry and even those who aren't in the industry put that kind of stress on actors and creative people because it is such a tough place to be successful in.

    • Eliza: (on determination) I do have a very keen determination to be successful no matter what people tell me or what they assume about me.

    • Eliza: (on starting to act) I went to drama class and I think my parents were relieved because they wanted me to put this newfound energy I had acquired into something a little bit more productive

    • Eliza: (on her role and the other female's roles in The 100) She's no nonsense. She wants to get things done, so she assumes a kind of bloke mentality. The women in the show never really come together. They have their own missions. It's kind of a male dominated show. The women are strong headed and maybe they're just too similar.

    • Eliza: (on her role in The 100) Clarke's such a strong female kick ass lead. I've never had the pleasure of playing that before. I've played the dumb blonde too many times. So this is really different for me. I think a lot of the physical stuff can be really challenging. There are many physically challenging stunts. And doing an American accent for the first time is interesting.

    • Eliza: (on her filming the action sequences for the show The 100) I think the scariest one for us is running through the forest in winter because it gets icy and slippery. And we have had so many amazing "stacks" on this show. Like, we have all fallen spectacularly and come very close to seriously hurting ourselves. So there's a lot of running, like going for it in the forest. Apart from that, I mean, there are a lot of stunts, but we generally have stunt-doubles helping us out with that.

    • Eliza: (on other show she enjoys watching) I'm obsessed with THE WALKING DEAD. Love that show. And BOARDWALK EMPIRE. Then I went through a huge MAD MEN phase. I'm a binge viewer. I like to just switch on Netflix and watch a full season of something all in a row. I call it my cave days. I think it's great. And I don't feel like it's something that we've been able to do until quite recently.

    • Eliza: (on her role in The 100) She's a natural born leader. Not really by choice. I think she just cares a great deal about people.

    • Eliza: (on her learning she had a role in series The 100) Well, when I found out about the show being picked up, I was at Six Flags amusement park with two of the other cast members and I had just gotten off a ride and found out that we were going to series. Crazy! So one thing I'd love to discover in that sort of [post apocalyptic world] would be a Six Flags and we can just ride on roller-coasters all day. Plus, there would be no lines and you'd have the park to yourself.

    • Eliza: (on her experience in filming the pilot for show The 100) I don't know I don't have one memorable moment. The whole thing was such a huge experience for me. It was -it's my first American production so every day was kinda like a surreal dream. It was just so amazing and working with these guys is so cool.

    • Eliza: (on having to do an American accent for her role in The 100 and how she was a teaching it back in Australia) I was bartending, waiting on tables, and teaching the American accent before I came to L.A. So that part wasn't too hard. I did find it interesting, though, when I did get here. I mean, teaching the accent itself is quite easy because it's isolated and it's slow and you can sound things out. But then being on set and doing a heated scene where you're yelling and screaming, it's amazing how quickly your own accent slips out. And you're like, 'Oh, my students would be so disappointed in me.'

    • Eliza: Ever get the feeling you're tweeting too much about your own show? Why yes, yes I do...

    • Eliza: (on the possibility of her modelling professionally) I have never done modelling. I've obviously done magazine shoots for Neighbours before, but I don't know if I'd do actual catwalk stuff. I'm not really interested, but we'll see.

    • Eliza: (on her dreams)It would certainly be feature films, definitely. I know that that is a cliché and what every young, blonde, bouncy actress wants to do, but I'm particularly stubborn so I'm hoping that I can (puts on evil voice) 'get what I want'! haha

    • Eliza: (on her relationship with her Neighbours' co-star Kayal Marsh) Obviously Kyal Marsh (who played Boyd Hoyland), because we played boyfriend and girlfriend for so long. We had a great relationship. He was like a brother to me - we just mucked around and had a lot of fun. So I was very close to him.

    • Eliza: (on her fondest Christmas memory) When I was five or six, my sister and I snuck into the living room to see what Santa had brought, only to find a giant, inflatable swimming pool full of presents.

    • Eliza: (on the best Christmas present she's ever received) When I was five, my mum and step-dad stayed up all night painting a beautiful cubbyhouse for me.

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    As a self-proclaimed expert critic of acting (based on the fact I have watched film my entire life and took some college classes in film) I can confidently say this lady has the chops needed for any genre. She has surprised me with just how amazing she delivers some of the scenes I watched in one of her shows, "The The range and depth of them has caused me to make double takes, because I can not believe my eyes. She doesn't go from fine to sad in a blink, she slides into it bringing us along the way. I look forward to her continued work, and can't wait to share her amazing portrayal of stories with as many friends as I can. Gold star madam, Gold f'n star!moreless