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    • She appeared March 22-26, 2000 in a festival celebrating the works of Tennessee Williams in a staged reading of "Night of the Iguana" featuring Alec Baldwin, Elizabeth Ashley, Stephanie Zimbalist, and Kent McCord.

    • "The Carpetbaggers" was Alan Ladd's final screen appearance, and the film debut for Elizabeth Ashley.

    • In a story Carroll Baker told in her autobiography, George Peppard showed up drunk at Baker's door during the filming of The Carpetbaggers, loudly telling her he wanted her. When Baker said she was not interested, Peppard threatened, "If you don't have a love affair with me, I'll make love to Elizabeth Ashley." Baker was resolute, and Peppard, true to his word, had an affair with Ashley, destroying both their marriages. Peppard and Ashley then married.

    • Appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show on March 4, 1962 reprising her Broadway performance with Art Carney of "Take Her, She's Mine".

    • Turned down the film version of the Neil Simon play in which she starred as Corie Bratter, "Barefoot in the Park" due to her husband, George Peppard who did not want her to act. The role went to Jane Fonda.

    • Elizabeth Ashley was considered for the part of Maria in the film version of "West Side Story". The role went to Natalie Wood.

    • Changed her name to Ashley after her award-winning stage performance of the character Ashley from "Take Her, She's Mine".

    • In 1999, Ashley was preparing to write another book, and had all her mementos shipped from storage to the New York apartment. The apartment was destroyed in a fire, which investigators traced back to a cigarette Ashley had left smoldering when she went out for breakfast.

    • Wrote her 1978 biography titled: "Postcards From the Road" and talked about her career hiatus after filming the 1965 movie "Ship of Fools" to a bout with cancer, a difficult pregnancy, an unhappy marriage to Peppard.

    • Studied with famed ballerina Tatiana Semenova.

    • Elizabeth made her Broadway debut in 1959 in The Highest Tree using her given name Cole.

    • A graduate of Louisiana State University and New York's Neighborhood Playhouse, Elizabeth Ashley started her professional career as a model and ballet dancer.

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