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  • Trivia

    • While growing up, Elizabeth used to played baseball and ride horses.

    • Elizabeth attended American Conservatory Theater and graduated with a MFA (Master in Fine Arts).

    • Elizabeth's religious family background is Catholic and Protestant, but she now considers herself Jewish.

    • Elizabeth first acting experience was for a school play.

    • In 2011 and 2012, Elizabeth was nominated for Primetime Emmy Award, in the category of Outstanding Guest Actress in a Comedy Series, for her role in the TV series 30 Rock.

    • In 2006, Elizabeth was nominated for a Chainsaw Award, in the Fangoria Chainsaw Awards, in  the category of Relationship from Hell, for a role in the movie Slither (200) with her co-star Michael Rooker.

    • In 2014, Elizabeth was nominated for a MTV Movie Award, in the category of Best On-Screen Transformation, for her role in the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013).

    • In 2012, Elizabeth won a MTV Movie Award, in the category of Best On-Screen Transformation, for her role in the movie The Hunger Games (2012).

    • In 2013, Elizabeth was nominated for a SDFCS Award, in the San Diego Film Critics Society Awards, in the category of Best Supporting Actress, for her role in the movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013).

    • In 2012, Elizabeth was nominated for a Teen Choice Award, in the category of Choice Movie: Female Scene Stealer, for her role in the movie The Hunger Games (2012).

    • In 2012, Elizabeth supported President Barack Obama. Part of this support was done through a video testimonial on the importance of federal funding for Planned Parenthood.

    • Become mother at 37, for her first son Felix Handlelman (born 2011). Her second son, Magnus Mitchell Handelman, was born in 2012. Both children were born via surrogate.

    • Elizabeth appeared in the commercial "Preference" for L'Oreal Paris.

    • Elizabeth has ancestry English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh.

    • Elizabeth started filming the movie The Hunger Games (2012), only 2 months after the birth of her son Felix.

    • Following the movie Surrender Dorothy (1998), Elizabeth decided to attend drama school, to avoid the errors she name in that movie.

    • Elizabeth considers that the role she did in the independent movie  Surrender Dorothy (1998) to be one of the worst mistakes in her career.

    • In 2011, Elizabeth was named #83 in the list of 100 Sexiest Women in the World by FHM magazine.

    • Elizabeth was the second choice for the role in the movie Zack and Miri Make a Porno (2008), and only fot it after Rosario Dawson turned it down.

    • Elizabeth is a former Girl Scout.

    • While in the University of Pennsylvania, Elizabeth was a member of sorority Delta Delta Delta.

    • Elizabeth graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1996, with Magna Cum Laude honors. She was the first member of her family to ever graduate college.

    • Elizabeth has a weakness of cupcakes.

    • Elizabeth says Poltergeist is the scariest movie she's ever seen.

    • Her house growing up was a divided one. Elizabeth's mother loved the Boston Red Sox and her father felt the same for the New York Yankees.

    • Elizabeth is a big fan of David Letterman.

    • Elizabeth graduated from Pittsfield High School in 1992.

    • Elizabeth is the oldest of four children. One of her brother is named Geof Banks.

    • In college, Elizabeth was friends with Todd Lieberman.

    • Elizabeth graduated from the American Conservatory Theater's Advanced Training Program in 1998.

    • Elizabeth was the first in her family to graduate from college.

    • In her hometown, Elizabeth was nominated to be the local Harvest Queen.

    • Elizabeth is a big fan of New York City's Museum of Modern Art.

    • The wackiest spa treatment Elizabeth says she has received was when a Hungarian smacked her with palm fronds in Budapest.

    • Elizabeth says she loves sitting in the penguin exhibit at the Central Park Zoo in New York City.

    • When Elizabeth goes to the spa, she prefers to get a deep tissue massage.

    • Elizabeth has a son, named Felix.

    • Elizabeth says her dream character to play would be the fairy from Peter Pan: Tinker Bell.

    • Elizabeth's celebrity crush is Michael Fassbender.

    • Elizabeth says the most daring thing she has ever done is cliff-dive from over three stories high in Las Vegas.

    • Elizabeth is a thrill-seeker.

    • Elizabeth says she is not afraid of heights, but of human error.

    • Elizabeth's husband Max Handelman is an enormous fan of fantasy sports, even writing the book, "Why Fantasy Football Matters: (And Our Lives Do Not)", with longtime friend Erik Barmack. Handleman and Barmack also put together the weblog covering the Portland Trail Blazers entitled "Beyond Bowie."

    • Elizabeth created and patented a professional board game called "Unveiled," a risqué novelty game to evoke the ideal bachelorette party. Available online and in-stores now.

    • Elizabeth is a registered life-long Democrat.

    • In May 2009, Elizabeth became a spokeswoman for L'Oreal beauty products, along with actresses Evangeline Lilly and Freida Pinto.

    • List Rankings & Appearances:
      2009 - No.68, AIM's 100 Hottest Blondes
      2009 - No.95, AskMen.com's Top 99 Most Desirable Women
      2009 - No.86, FHM's Sexiest Women in the World Poll
      2009 - No.15, Premiere's 40 Most Beautiful Hollywood Women
      2008 - listed, People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People

    • Awards & Nominations:
      2003 (W) - Most Exciting New Face, Young Hollywood Awards
      2004 (N) - Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture, Screen Actors Guild Awards, for Seabiscuit, shared with castmates
      2007 (N) - Best Kiss, MTV Movie Awards, for Invincible, shared with Mark Wahlberg
      2009 (W) - MaxMara Face of the Future, Crystal and Lucy Awards

    • Elizabeth names Poltergeist and Alien as two of her favorite horror movies. Her favorite holiday movie is Bad Santa.

    • Elizabeth 5'5" (1.65 m) tall.

    • Banks made her debut in the controversial drama, Surrender Dorothy, in 1998. The following year, she made her TV debut in the episode of Third Watch entitled "Patterns".

    • When she was still a teen, Elizabeth appeared as a contestant in the 1987 Nickelodeon game show, Finders Keepers.

    • Daughter of Ann Mitchell, who worked in a bank, and Mark Mitchell, a factory worker for General Electric, Elizabeth is the eldest of four siblings.

    • Elizabeth started conversion to Judaism upon marrying Max Handelman on July 5, 2003; she didn't finish the conversion because she still doesn't have mikveh, although she lives following Jewish traditions and her children are being raised Jewish. In 2008, Elizabeth and her husband co-founded the production company Brownstone Productions.

    • As a hobby, she enjoys Fantasy Football. She was also learning to fly the trapeze in 2008.

    • In 2005, she was considered for the role of Susan Storm/Invisible Girl, eventually played by Jessica Alba, in Fantastic Four while in 2009, she turned down a part in The Crazies (2010), as it was similar to the character she played in Slither.

    • In Oliver Stone's W. (2008), Elizabeth played Laura Bush, wife of the former president George W., whom she met at the White House screening of her film Seabiscuit in 2003.

    • Having had to kiss Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch Me if You Can, Elizabeth says he's a good kisser.

    • Elizabeth and her husband met at the University of Pennsylvania. She made the first move with him. After their first date, she told him, "I'm so making out with you" and the rest was history.

  • Quotes

    • Elizabeth: (on how she relates the her character in the movie Walk of Shame) You have to see a little bit of yourself in every character you play and bring some experience to it. I spent my early twenties in Philadelphia and New York — big cities — where I definitely had a lot of fun nights like you're supposed to in your 20s, and I was telling someone earlier that I get easily carsick, so I hated to get into taxis at the end of the night, and I felt really lucky that I lived in really walk- able cities. And I spent a lot of nights — I mean, don't tell my mother — but I spent a lot of time walking home from places. That sense of finding your way — that's what this movie is about.

    • Elizabeth: (on what attracted her to the movie Walk of Shame) I felt like I knew who Meghan was, and I thought I could be funny. It really comes down to that. I really wanted to do a role that uses my abilities as a comedienne — I don't get to do that very often! Or, if I do, it is usually in support of funny leading men, and I love my funny men, but I relish the opportunity of being able to play this character, present a complicated girl who is figuring out what to do with her life and is really a good girl at heart and is misperceived.

    • Elizabeth: (on filming Walk of Shame in LA) Downtown LA is sort of a hipster haven right now. There's so many great restaurants — my favorite part about making this movie was the good food. I didn't eat a lot of it because, I don't know if you saw that dress, but I was definitely on a diet the entire time I was making this movie! But I really enjoyed finding out more about the city in which I live and discovering a lot of great new restaurants, and we shot a lot at night, so we had a lot of really fun evenings hitting the bars and really living this character!

    • Elizabeth: (on feeling she is Jewish, even though she didn't complete the conversion process) Frankly, because I'm already doing everything [practicing religious rituals], I feel like I'm as Jewish as I'm ever going to be.

    • Elizabeth: (on her role in the movie The Uninvited) It was very important to me that every line reading I gave could be interpreted two ways. So that when you go back through the movie you can see that.

    • Elizabeth: (on the process of converting to Judaism, her husband's religion) I did not have my mikveh, so technically I'm not converted... I've been essentially a Jew for like 15 years... I haven't had a Christmas tree in 15 years... My kids go to Jewish pre-school, we only celebrate Jewish holidays, I love seder... Frankly, because I'm already doing everything, I feel like I'm as Jewish as I'm ever going to be.

    • Elizabeth: Every once in a while I play a true idiot, and they're really fun to play.

    • Elizabeth: (on her liking some types of comedies) I love physical comedy. I love Oscar Wilde, I love [William Shakespeare] comedies, I love improv. I knew I had a knack for it at a certain level, but I came into this business as a classically trained drama student and that was my reputation. When you live in a leading lady's body, which I do, you have to constantly prove that you are funny

    • Elizabeth: I'm pleased that Hollywood hasn't figured out how to pigeonhole me yet...

    • Elizabeth: (on her opinion on sex education) I really think that we do a disservice to young people in America by not being more open about sex. Abstinence programs do not work. It's a natural, physical thing having sex.

    • Elizabeth: Sex is always funny. I don't find it sexy -- I find it really horrifying. But it's an act that we need. And that need, that desire, is what makes it really funny.

    • Elizabeth: (on keeping her skin looking fresh) If I'm in a rush, I'll grab a soda can and stick it under my eyes.

    • Elizabeth: I actually think that secrets are just a part of human nature and that everybody should have some.

    • Elizabeth: (on horror films) I think it's the same as comedy. They're just highly entertaining. They take you on a ride. They tap into your base emotions – fear and laughter.

    • Elizabeth: I play Rock Band, which is Guitar Hero times ten. You can play with four people, so when you have parties, you have a real band. Nobody ever wants to sing, so I'm always the one throwing down on the mic. I don't love the gun games. X-Y-A-B? I don't know any of the moves, and I don't have the time to learn that shit.

    • Elizabeth: I play a real life character, Janet, who's Vince Papale's wife. The woman of his dreams, the mother of his children, is this woman Janet, and she's a total spitfire and she really keeps him on his toes.

    • Elizabeth: (on her role in the movie Slither) I didn't even mind having KY Jelly being smeared on me.

    • Elizabeth: Most men I know rely on women to do all the literal dirty work. Anything involving poop, vomit, or blood -- always handled by women. Men don't understand basic bodily functions. They don't want to be bothered with it. But we bleed every month and we take care of babies, so we don't have any issues. I also end up killing all the bugs in my house. It's one of my favorite things to do: hunt spiders.

    • Elizabeth: You got to have an agent... it's a business. But I think there is a way to be artful and commercial at the same time.

    • Elizabeth: I love working with a stylist but I also love having personal relationships with designers. A stylist is great for pulling together an entire outfit, accessories included, and for shaking me out of my comfort zone.

    • Elizabeth: If I ever complain about yachting around the Mediterranean with Madonna, who I just idolized as a child, I should be slapped across the face.

    • Elizabeth: When I was in college I was accused of being a goody two-shoes. But every goody two-shoes has a bad side.