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Elizabeth Berkley

Elizabeth Berkley


7/28/1972, Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

Birth Name

Elizabeth Berkley



Also Known As

Elizabeth Berkley-Brown, Elizabeth Berkely
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When Elizabeth was 5, her parents enrolled her at Detroit Dance Company. Loving dance, young Elizabeth began to take part in several ballets, including "Swan Lake", and in 1983, she starred in some musicals (sometimes singing in Italian). Her screen debut was a role in the TV movie…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Elizabeth Movie Credits:
      Meet Market (2004) .... Linda
      Moving Malcolm (2003) .... Liz Woodward
      Detonator (2003) .... Jane Dreyer
      Roger Dodger (2002) .... Andrea
      Cover Story (2002) .... Samantha Noble
      The Shipment (2001) .... Candy Colucci
      The Curse of the Jade Scorpion (2001) .... Jill
      Any Given Sunday (1999) .... Mandy Murphy
      Tail Lights Fade (1999) .... Eve
      Random Encounter (1998) .... Alicia 'Allie' Brayman
      The Taxman (1998) .... Nadia Rubakov
      The Real Blonde (1997) .... Tina
      The First Wives Club (1996) .... Phoebe LaVelle
      Showgirls (1995) .... Nomi Malone
      White Wolves II: Legend of the Wild (1995) .... Crystal
      Molly & Gina (1994) .... Kimberly Sweeny
      Platinum Blonde (1988)
      Frog (1987) (TV) .... Kathy

    • Elizabeth has one brother. His name is Jason.

    • Elizabeth has posed for PETA.

    • Elizabeth is a vegetarian.

    • Elizabeth attended Warner Middle School in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

    • In 1997 Elizabeth wore a $600 dress made entirely of collard greens to the "Lettuce Be Lean" campaign. This was sponsored by People for Ethical Treatment of Animals.

    • Elizabeth did her first ever stunt on the show Threshold. She punches through a (fake) glass window.

    • Elizabeth is Jewish.

    • Elizabeth went against her manager's advice and starred in the movie Roger Dodger, because she loved the script.

    • Elizabeth auditioned for the role of Rachel on Friends, but lost out to Jennifer Aniston.

    • The role of Jessie on Saved by the Bell was created especially for Elizabeth. They couldn't chose between her or Tiffani Thiessen for the role of Kelly.

    • If you watch Elizabeth's eyes closely you can tell they are not the same color. Her left eye is green but her right eye is half green half brown.

    • Elizabeth was linked to actor Roger Wilson from 1997 to 1999.

    • Measurements: 34C-23-36

    • Elizabeth made her television acting debut in the made for T.V. movie Frog, in 1987.

    • Elizabeth started dance lessons at Detroit Dance Company when she was only five years old.

    • Elizabeth married Greg Lauren on November 1, 2003, in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, at the Esperanza Hotel.

    • Elizabeth made a cameo in Saved By The Bell; Wedding in Vegas, the made for TV movie.

    • Elizabeth did full frontal nudity in the movie Show Girls. She also took pole dancing lessons for the movie. She was paid $100,000 for this role.

    • Elizabeth's height is 5'10".

    • When Elizabeth was nine she auditioned for the film Annie, but was turned down because she was too tall.

    • Elizabeth's Saved by the Bell character Jessie, was replaced by Leanna Creel (Torie) in later episodes.

  • Quotes

    • Elizabeth Berkley: When Show Girls first came out, obviously, it was a rough, rough time. I mean I'm not going to lie about - I will not lie to you about that - it was painful and hard and it was a challenging time, professionally and personally. I went through a lot.

    • Elizabeth Berkley: Ever since those reviews for Showgirls, it's like I was that woman in The Scarlet Letter. Except that instead of having to wear the letter 'A' for adulteress, I was condemned to wear an 'S' for showgirl.

    • Elizabeth Berkley: I love what I do so much, and even with the highs and lows of the business, my love for what I do is my salvation, always. It's always exciting that way.

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  • Typical Hypocritical Hollywood

    Elizabeth Berkley being outcast by Hollywood goes to show you how 2 faced and hypocritical Hollywood is.

    For what she did in showgirl and a lot of people don't realize is that it opened the door for shows like OZ, Movies Sincity.

    Meaning, People seeing a man's privates and a women's rack. It's the same hypocritical behavior that they give to openly gay actors and actress, yet it's been a safe haven for gay men and women long before it was openly accented by the public.

    I think it Hollywood itself and most of the public needs to grownup and remember that it's all acting.moreless
  • Talented if given the right vehicle!

    I think that Hollywood needs to forgive Elizabeth Berkley despite starring in one flop. I think she has picked up herself really well in tv shows. And if given the right vehicle, I think that she could breakout from the "Showgirls" flop as well as the "Saved by the Bell" thing that now has Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Mario Lopez into adult stars. I think she is a talented actress and if given the right vehicle, she could really breakout into the right role if given that chance. As she is talented and has lots of potential coming to her if Hollywood will give it that is.moreless