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  • Where Do I start!

    First of all , Liz is one AMAZING person and tbh My ALL time favourite person she is so beautiful outside and in!

    I just wish i had the chance to meet her and tell how much i love her and how ammazing she is! I dont think she gets enough credit for her acting
    My favourite was casualty and the pregnancy. When she was killed I was gutted!

    I got up every mornin to watch her. I hope that one day i can meet her and show my appretiation to her as she is an amazing person. The world would be a better place if there were more people like her!!!!!!

    Hayley :)
  • What I think of the amazing Elizabeth Carling

    Liz Carling is one of the most amazing actress around. Proving her talen in Casulaty epsiode, \'The Long Goodbye\\\' in which it saw her character Selena Donavan be stabbed, now that takes a lot of doing and only really talented actress can do this with perfection and Liz did, she had everything from facial expressions to body language, Liz still continues to show off her abilities in Casualty, as well as keeping an amazing figure and being really pretty as a person. She deserves more recognision as an actress, because to me she is a real inspiration.
  • Elizabeth(Liz) Carling. One of the best Actresses i've ever had the pleasure to be a fan of!

    Elizabeth Carling may not be as well known as she should be, but as her role as Selena Donovan in BBC1's Casualty, she shines!
    Liz has played many roles that show how talented she is, and hopefully there will be more in the future!
    To be honest i cannot pick a favourite out of all the roles she has been in, maybe because she is such a great actress!
    She is a brilliant role model to have!
    Elizabeth Carling is my role model, and i can only hope to be as half as good as she is!