Elizabeth Diaga





Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Birth Name



Born in Montreal to a French-Canadian opera singer & a Spanish sculptor and raised traveling the world, Elyzabeth's life has always been surrounded by sound and colour.

Studying dance & theatre during her teen years, it's at age 15 that Elyzabeth develops a particular passion for singing, starts writing her own material & forms her first original band . At 17 she obtains a leading role in a musical directed by M. Vic Vogel and from there begins her amazing journey of perfecting & her skills as a performer. Her immense vocal talent, her versatility and her aptitude for singing in three languages will, thru the years, give her the opportunity to participate in many important projects such as; the Wings of fire Cd , recorded at The Rudolfinum Theater in Prague with a 60 piece orchestra and even to release in 1996 a french selftiteled album wich will grant her two important nominations in 1997, one for best new artist at the Adisq awards in Mtl and one for best french video at the Much Music awards.

In 1999, back from a three week tour in Bosnia, Kosovo and Macedonia, where she performed for the Canadian Army, Elyzabeth returns deeply mooved by the shock of a very different & troubling reality. This trip will directly affect the integrity with wich she will, from now on, manipulate her art and manage her carreer.

In august of 2000, she teams up with Ben Roberge for the DIAGA project. In less than 2 years, the symbiotic team puts DIAGAWORLD online, produce a 12 track Cd, start a record label ( D.W. records) and
in 2002 they launch their first CD ( DIAGA). In 2003 they perform at the Montreal international Jazz Festival and they are currently working on a new CD for 2005.

In 2004, Elyzabeth gets the call from Cinar to audition for the role of Mora.
Her amazing vocal skills and flamboyant personality quickly join the Postcards from Buster cast as Mora.

While all this creation is going on, lets not forget that Elyzabeth also lends her voice to many tv and radio commercials in Quebec.

To know more on Elyzabeth and her productions visit: www.diagaworld.com