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  • Liz Gillies

    This girl should get more attention! She's beautiful in her own way, she has an amazing voice like Adele. On Victorious she's forced to play the mean girl, which I don't think she is mean irl. It's too bad stars from Nickelodeon don't make it far in life, like Vanessa Hudgens or Selena Gomez.
  • Love Her

    Liz is super pretty and talented. She is a great actress on Victorious in my opinion, and I think she derserves a higher role and she doesn't have to be forced to play as the mean girl, because in real life she's probably super sweet and talented with her deep, soulful voice.

    I heard her first in her song "Jealous Guy" and she has the most amazing soulful voice, and that is my fave song by her, and my fave slow song.

    I hope she can make it far in life and be international one day. On Stardoll, my sister plays that so I know this, that Liz Gillies was just recently added to one of the celebrities you get to dress up, which I hope is a good thing.
  • Love her

    Ok, I have to say, I only saw her in Victorious and in some interviews but I think she's pretty good.

    She can totally play this dark and sarcastic girl.

    And she really can sing (instead of some others).

    Like all those Nickelodeon actors she won't make it very far, I think, but that's sad. In my opinion she really can act.