Elizabeth Lackey

Elizabeth Lackey


3/2/1971, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Elizabeth Lackey



Also Known As

Lisa Lackey
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Elizabeth 'Lisa' Lackey, an Australian born actress who has hit it big in the United States was born March 2, 1971 in Sydney. Her first acting role was that of Gina, a babysitter on the Australian fantasy series Spellbinder. Her big break as Roxy in Home & Awaymore


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    • Elizabeth: (on missing Australia) I miss it, but you go where the work is… until you can afford to retire and go where you want!

    • Elizabeth: (on why Aussies do well in America) We have this uncanny ability to laugh at ourselves, and Americans don't have that. They're great - they're very happy, hospitable people - but they can take themselves very seriously.

    • Elizabeth: I don't have a competitive nature, so I didn't want to win anything. So Heroes is great because I actually get to act. I don't have the type of role where I've got to be gorgeous or glamorous or worried about my weight or what I look like.

    • Elizabeth: I feel like all my life I've tried to be part of something, but I've always felt unnatural. I went through a period where I felt really misunderstood and like no one 'got' me. But then I realised it was completely OK to be like that.

    • Elizabeth: (on becoming a mother for the first time) I guess I'm nervous and excited. I really don't have a clue what to do, but I'm sure I can just make it up as I go along.

    • Elizabeth: (on the theatre) I am most content when I am on stage pretending to be somebody else.

    • Elizabeth: (on her worst job) The worst job I ever had was being a checkout girl. I couldn't handle it at all. I was only there for about a day before I had had enough.