Elizabeth McLaughlin





Morgantown, West Virginia

Birth Name

Elizabeth Sarah McLaughlin




Born in Morgantown, West Virgnia, Elizabeth's family moved and spent most of her childhood in Florida until she moved to Los Angeles during her high school years. Before becoming a professional actor, she studied voice and dance. Elizabeth also preformed in local theater. You may recognize her from an Ugly Betty episode in which she played a girl named Lindsey. In 2007 Elizabeth scored the big role of Massie Block in the movie version of the Clique Series, written by Lisi Harrison. In her spare time, Elizabeth enjoys modeling, cheerleading, and participating in student government, speech, and storytelling. She has became more focused on politics as she has gotten older. Elizabeth is very passionate about her liberal stances. In between acting roles, she is searching to enroll in a film school. She would like to focus on the inner workings of filmmaking and cinematography.