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    • Elizabeth: I know I can't live without acting, but the passion I have for photography and cinematography will shine through as well. I won't just be known as an actress, I'll be known for many things including a photographer and cinematographer.

    • Elizabeth: I love writing for my acting because I get to create the characters. I know everything about them, so when I act it out it's easy to merely become the characters because they are my own.

    • Elizabeth: You can't forget about that. No matter how many cool clothes you have or how much money you get, you have to be yourself.

    • Elizabeth: (On her first tv role) My character was really mean, and I was a little worried that all my friends would think I was mean!

    • Elizabeth: Until about 6th grade, I was a tomboy. I preferred climbing rocks and exploring woods rather than playing with Barbies, which I also did.

    • Elizabeth: (On politics) I can absolutely see myself as a politician. I feel like every voice needs to be heard, and I would feel privileged to be the voice for many. I feel like I could succeed at that as well.

    • Elizabeth: My biggest advice is to never give up on your dreams. Go for it! No matter how far fetched they seem. Also remember that every actor and actress started with small things. Being successful in this industry is all about working your way up. Also, if it's something you really want to do... never stop working for it... and acting is all about practice, practice, and practice! Never give up on it.

    • Elizabeth: I desire to inspire.