Elizabeth Mitchell

Elizabeth Mitchell


3/27/1970, Los Angeles, California, USA

Birth Name

Elizabeth Mithchell


  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans on V f...
  • Elizabeth Mitchell as Erica Evans on V f...
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Elizabeth Mitchell was born in Los Angeles, but raised in Dallas. From a young age, Elizabeth was drawn to the stage. She was always aware that little money could be made in acting, but she loved it and continued nevertheless.

Elizabeth went to an arts high…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Elizabeth is featured in Kim Carnes' video "Bette Davis Eyes".

    • Elizabeth's mom and dad are both lawyers practicing in Dallas, Texas.

    • Nominations:

      - Won the Saturn Award in 2008 for "Best Supporting Actress on Television" for Lost. She tied winning this award along with Summer Glau for Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

      - Nominated for a Saturn Award in 2007 for "Best Supporting Actress in a Television Program" for Lost

    • Elizabeth broke her nose while filming the movie Frequency in 2000.

    • Elizabeth graduated from Arts Magnet High School located in the Arts District of downtown Dallas. The building has since been declared an historical building and been renamed Booker T. Washington for the Performing and Visual Arts.

    • The character, Kim Legaspi, who Elizabeth played in ER was only intended to be a one episode appearance. Elizabeth was offered the role and started filming on the same day - she clearly wowed the producers enough for Kim to be written into a long-term part.

    • Lost is Mitchell's first role as a series regular since The Lyon's Den, which had a brief run on NBC in 2003. Her other small-screen credits include a recurring part on ER and guest roles on Everwood and Boston Legal.

    • After playing Linda McCartney in the 2000 movie The Linda McCartney Story, Elizabeth turned to vegetarianism in honour of the woman.

    • Elizabeth says she also enjoys the physical transformation that comes with new parts; her desire to morph into somebody else is not complete without changes to every aspect of herself.

    • Elizabeth claims she enjoys obscurity; she isn't ready for a celebrity image quite yet, she prefers being anonymous.

    • Elizabeth was always aware that acting for most people involves no money - she chose to persue acting though, as she loved it, regardless of her salary.

    • Elizabeth was fired from TV soap Loving for her constant attempts to change the script.

    • One critic claimed that Elizabeth Mitchell has failed to see her 'girl-next-door' appeal as a limitation. Instead, she "has used it – if not exactly to play against type – to question whether the type really exists."

    • The roles Elizabeth plays often end up influencing her outlook on life, proving she takes her work seriously, for instance The Beast made Elizabeth question her morals regarding the death penalty.

    • Elizabeth is hooked to the Scottish accent, and madly in love with the Irish one after her work on Man and Boy.

    • For her role in Gia Elizabeth lived in a Hollywood hotel, purposefully experiencing the private and dark life.

    • Elizabeth claims that her fame and acting opportunities are merely down to luck.

    • Due to her morals, Elizabeth nearly lost a part in Dangerous Curves; the producers wanted to do a clothed American version and a nude European one. Whilst Elizabeth claims to have no problem with nudity within a story-line, she refuses gratuitous nudity. In the end a compromise was reached with limited clothing involved.

    • Elizabeth's part in the Cosby Mysteries led her mother to write a letter to her sister, declaring that "I think that Liz playing a corpse is an important step forward in her career!"

    • Mitchell got her part in Loving because the director wanted somebody immediately loveable!

    • Her appearances on stage have been many, such as: Theatre for the New City "Red Channells" as Sheila Harcourt; Theatre Tree (Texas) "Amateures" as Jennifer; Okoboji Summer Theatre (Iowa) "Tribute " as Maggie Okoboji Summer Theatre (Iowa) "A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum" as Philia; Warehouse Theatre (Missouri) "Approaching Lavender" as Jennifer; Warehouse Theatre "Gather The Wind" as Calley Rae; Warehouse Theatre (Missouri) "How's It Hanging" as Guerline.

    • Elizabeth's boyfriend advised her to put on weight after seeing her in The Santa Clause 2 - he thought she was cuter that way.

    • In The Santa Clause 2, it was Elizabeth's influence that allowed Mrs. Clause to be chubby like her husband; Elizabeth campaigned to have a chubby Mrs. Clause, though it meant wearing a fat suit and face prosthetics. She said that it was more important for the world's women to not see a skinny wife, than for the worlds' men to see one.

    • Elizabeth claims her favourite medium to work and act in is the theatre - it's what she grew-up with and therefore what's most natural to her.

    • Elizabeth has trained in stage combat techniques such as hand-to-hand combat, rapier, and dagger, all of which she is skillful at.

    • Elizabeth was in a Hertz Rent-A-Car commercial in 1994. The commercial was pulled off the air because of the O.J. Simpson getaway chase.

    • Elizabeth is married to actor Chris Soldevilla and they have a son together, born on September 4th 2005.

    • While she lived in Europe, she was in a theater productoin of As You Like It where she played the character of Rosalind.

    • On September 4, 2005, Elizabeth gave birth to her son named Christopher Junior.

    • Her nickname is Liz.

    • Elizabeth spent six years at the Dallas Theater Center and spent one year with its Encore Company.

    • Elizabeth has two younger sisters named Kristie and Kate. In ER, Elizabeth's character, Dr. Legaspi, went out with two friends called 'Christy' and 'Kate', it is reported that the names were inspired by the names of Elizabeth's sisters.

    • To land a commercial for Polo Springs Water, Elizabeth admits lying
      to producers and telling them she could cross-country ski when her only experience was with downhill skiing; she managed to use a 'how-to' book to learn but claims the experience almost killed her; Elizabeth stayed in every night, nursing her aching body while the rest of the cast and crew went out barhopping. She thinks the money was worth the pain, though.

    • Elizabeth was married to David Lee Smith from 1994 to 1999.

    • Elizabeth is 5' 9" (1.75 m) tall.

    • In 1991 Elizabeth graduated from Stephens College with a Fine Arts Degree.

  • Quotes

    • Elizabeth: I normally eat everything under the sun, but once a year, for a whole month, I eat nothing but fruits, vegetables, nuts, and lean fish, and I feel great!

    • Elizabeth: (on the possibility that her role as Juliet on Lost will catapult her to high fame) Oh, God, I can't even imagine in any way, shape, or form that I'd ever break through. I'm such a chameleon; I don't think there's enough people can latch onto. I think of myself as an oddity.

    • Elizabeth: I think if you have a love for this business, you can't ever do anything you feel is not fun or not good or not something that means something to you. Otherwise you turn into something that you're not.

    • Elizabeth: Having a baby helped me. It's about getting to a place where I am unafraid as an actress.

    • Elizabeth: Acting is so exciting to me. It's a thrill; otherwise I wouldn't do it. Not to be hokey, but I think life is definitely worth living, whether you're working or not. For an actor, the character is the thing...it doesn't matter what medium you're in. as long as you have something to do.

    • Elizabeth: Believe it or not, women seem to love the character [Juliet]. Men, however...I've gotten a few stares. "Oh no." That sort of thing. I always have C.J. on my hip and I'm walking around. I'm not ever quite as still as Juliet. I'm fairly goofy and nerdy. But I have had more men look at me a little terrified. I think men are intrigued and they want to engage in some sort of smackdown.

    • Elizabeth: The nature of being an actress is to be fallible, to be vulnerable. We're all the nerds of our world, aren't we? I was a complete, total nerd. ...I loved the idea that the underdog wins more often than not. And I don't know if that happens in life. But I want it to.

    • Elizabeth: My family doesn't care [what roles I take]. They think it's wonderful. They care about the work and they also care about the fact that when I was a child, I learned through television not to be prejudiced -- I learned through television not to be racist and that's what we should do. I think that's part of our educational process.

    • Elizabeth: I want to have kids everywhere...I want to eat Haagen-Dazs and get broad hips. If you try to stay young forever, you don't really live.

    • Elizabeth: I was even in a comedy group for a while. It's so different. It's so completely different. The idea of going to work and being able to laugh all day is great to me... There's nothing harder than comedy. I think that anyone that thinks it's easy just try and make someone laugh sometime! I think that comedy is hard, but I really enjoyed it. It's nice when you can get the guy to laugh. I think it's breathtaking.

    • Elizabeth: I know it's so 'in' to be blase, but that's not going to get you anywhere. People feel good about doing things with you if you're enthusiastic. You've gotta go for it, and go for it with gusto.

    • Elizabeth: I love character roles...You work hard, immerse yourself in the characters. I generally don't do big high-profile roles. They terrify me. They lead me into places I'm not sure I want to go.

  • The Show's Main Downfall

    Cold, lifeless, silly, ridiculous acting. not even worthy being called an actress. boo you.
  • Strong female lead

    Strong Woman

    For most women it's very difficult to play a strong female lead character in a movie or TV series. This is why many Directors and Producer will tell you it's very risky to make the lead character a woman. Elizabeth Mitchell can add her name to a very short list of women who have pulled this off (Sigourney Weaver in Alien Saga and Kate Mulgrew in Star Trek Voyager). Elizabeth Mitchell plays her strong female lead role very well and her acting is top notch. I think the show will as at least a couple more years because of this.moreless