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  • The Show's Main Downfall

    Cold, lifeless, silly, ridiculous acting. not even worthy being called an actress. boo you.
  • Strong female lead

    Strong Woman

    For most women it's very difficult to play a strong female lead character in a movie or TV series. This is why many Directors and Producer will tell you it's very risky to make the lead character a woman. Elizabeth Mitchell can add her name to a very short list of women who have pulled this off (Sigourney Weaver in Alien Saga and Kate Mulgrew in Star Trek Voyager). Elizabeth Mitchell plays her strong female lead role very well and her acting is top notch. I think the show will as at least a couple more years because of this.
  • Elizabeth Mitchell is one of the driving forces behind the success of Lost over the last couple of seasons. Prior to Lost she had guest spots and small recurring roles, but this show has made her, and she in return has helped to make Lost good.

    Elizabeth Mitchell is one of those faces that bounced around network television doing mostly guest spots on all sorts of shows. Then she landed on Lost, or rather was transported there by submarine... Her presence on the island and as the resident doctor has been gratifying and uplifting. She adds the much needed anti-Kate role that was lacking for the first few seasons. Also as someone with working knowledge of the island she is able to inform the crash survivors of what to do and where to go. As an actress she is fantastic and has the sense of being strong and intelligent while still appearing feminine and caring. Her beauty is obvious but the more important characteristic about her is the ability to convey the character's feelings without being "dramatic".
  • Juliet from Lost

    Juliet was one of those characters on Lost that didn't really get much air time but when they did, they really shined. She had this innocence about her that when you found out she had a bit of evil in her you were completely shocked. She really played her role in Lost because it was times when I couldn't tell if she was the good guy or bad guy. I loved how she made Kate jealous by her relationship with Jack. Even though she seemed all sweet and innocent on the outside you knew not to mess with her cause she will snap if you pushed her.
  • A real surprise and talented is a too small word for her.

    Elizabeth Mitchell was a real surprise and a precious update to the female actors crew of the show. Beautiful, talented, intense and sexy enough to hold your breath on one side - and so intense that you forget about her beauty so you are just fascinated by her acting. WOW. So hopefully she will stay as long as possible in the show. And the show as long as possible on air. I have not seen her on many shows and films - but after that 'Exeptional Show' and her acting there, every cool TV - Show could be proud haveing her.
  • Great Actress...very talent...love to see more of her.

    I think her character comes across as a leader. Most of the roles have been revolving around Kate, but I would love to see more of Juliet. Her personality is very likable. She comes across as smart, calm, caring, but also someone who holds their own, and gets the truth out of anyone. Her character seams easily capable of taking on a leadership role. It almost seems like the men on the island don't notice Juliet, but how couldn't you? She is gorgious! I'm not sure if Sawyer and her are a great match. At this point I still see him with Kate. It seams like there has been too much of Jack falling for Kate that it almost weakens his character. It would be nice to see him fight for someone else and not of jealousy, maybe him, Desmond, and Sayid over Juliet? I love the surprises and the show! Great job!
  • The best actress I have ever seen.

    I never understood how acting should look like and which actors are really good...until the season 3 premiere of LOST. When I first saw Elizabeth as Juliet in her house at the very beginning of the episode I didn't notice anything, but later it all changed. Near the ending of that episode she already was my favourite character of LOST. She really is a stunning woman (especially her eyes) - every scene she plays - she is the leader in it. Her acting is just flawless and I can say without any doubt that she really is the best actress in the world (and I watch many movies, so I can compare her with others, but I haven't seen anyone doing better than she is).
  • One of the greatest actresses on TV atm.

    I've never heard of Elizabeth Mitchell before Lost season 3. But to be honest, now after I 've seen her, I'd LOVE to see her EVEN MORE!

    Elizabeth Mitchell is the perfect actress. She portrays a character named "Juliet" on Lost. In the first couple of episodes, she's a villain-ish woman, who seems to be very strongly motivated.

    Yet as soon as you start learning more of her, you realize she's just as broken inside as everyone else on the island.

    Juliet is a character who seems to be strong, but inside, she's not strong at all. And Elizabeth Mitchell portrays that perfectly.

    I never thought that reading the phone book is a good way of entertainment, but if I could watch and listen Elizabeth doing it, well, I'm sure i'd be more entertained that on most Tv programmes.

    For a bonus, she's really beautiful, and you just can't tell her age. Her eyes... damn.
  • This girl can ACT! (beautiful)

    I love her as Juliet on Lost. She portrays her character so beautifully, it is not even funny. Everything about her is just magnificent. She really immerses herself into her character, and makes it all seem so magnificent and real and just... amazing. She looks stunning, even though I heard from somewhere she used to be a little on the fat side, but now, just look at her, you have to give her props if she ever as overweight she really worked it out! Her eyes are also stunning, beautiful. She has been in numerous productions, and I hope her role on Lost will skyrocket her into future fame! Go Elizabeth!
  • Wonderful actress!

    Elizabeth Mitchell has a whole lot of talent. She is a marvelous actress. I didn't know her that well until she took on the role of Juliet during the third season of LOST. She has done a great job at playing the mysterious "Other". I personally think she deserves some kind of award for her role as Juliet. She's so awesome! Especially in the episode "One of Us". That was an absolutely amazing performance on her part! I hope she gets some sort of recognition for it. She's a truly talented person. Elizabeth Mitchell deserves a lot of credit for her role as Juliet.
  • Most remembarable part was LOST Juliet

    She ismy favorite character on Lost. She is like SOOOO talented!!!!!!! I hope on one of the episodes she kissis JACk, there my favorite couple!!!! Now that i think of it i do remeber her on CSI! But ya. Her on LOST she's fanomanil, don't know spelling. I love the character Juliet. Wasn't she on a previous episode. I think se was. But i don't know. She's like the best Blond character. I wonder how old she is. Myabe late 20's i guess. i dobn't know. Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya. One of my personal best people!
  • Elizabeth is gorgeous,shes so lovely,talented and shes caught my attention back 2 lost.She makes season 3, and man oh man is juliet and jack perfect for each other.

    Elizabeth is gorgeous,shes so lovely,talented and shes caught my attention back to lost.She makes season 3,and man oh man is juliet and jack perfect for each other.it was so cute when he put alovera on her back,he so cares for her.gosh ill be guted and SOOOO disapointed if they don't end up together.juliets my new favourite i must say and makes lost 4 me.They better not kill her off they have a habit of suddenly killing off people which is kool cause it makes it exciting but hopefully it won't be her at all.

    i love Elizabeth mitchells smile lol its the cutest
  • I love every second of her on-screen time...!

    Elizabeth has her place in my Top 10 favourite actresses. I really adore her and I'm enjoying every second of her elegant and decent acting. She's really beautiful in the way she plays her characters. I did love her already in Gia. And Dr. Legaspi in Er?! That was brilliant.

    Her most recent TV character is Juliet in Lost which thanks to her became one of my favourite character in the whole show. I hope she will appear on this show as long as possible. I kind of think that she puts a lot of herself in all of her characters since they all have some common characteristics. Most of them are very sensitive and gentle with a special love interest reflecting in her eyes.
  • Awesome!

    The most secluded secretive person on lost, great part for a great actress. She plays one of the hardest parts on lost because she has to make sure that she is being secretive and making it all seem like she is being rebellious against the others and wants to unify jack and the other crewmembers of LOST! She does a great job doing this also, she is one of the best actresses I have ever seen on television because she has always been so realistic and makes the show that much more interesting. I always though that LOST could never get more interesting but with the introduction of her character it makes it all worth the while to watch lost, Awesome character, awesome actress!