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  • Elizabeth Mitchell is one of the driving forces behind the success of Lost over the last couple of seasons. Prior to Lost she had guest spots and small recurring roles, but this show has made her, and she in return has helped to make Lost good.

    Elizabeth Mitchell is one of those faces that bounced around network television doing mostly guest spots on all sorts of shows. Then she landed on Lost, or rather was transported there by submarine... Her presence on the island and as the resident doctor has been gratifying and uplifting. She adds the much needed anti-Kate role that was lacking for the first few seasons. Also as someone with working knowledge of the island she is able to inform the crash survivors of what to do and where to go. As an actress she is fantastic and has the sense of being strong and intelligent while still appearing feminine and caring. Her beauty is obvious but the more important characteristic about her is the ability to convey the character's feelings without being "dramatic".