Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen


2/16/1989, Sherman Oaks, California, USA

Birth Name

Elizabeth Marie Olsen



Also Known As

Lizzie Olsen, Liz Olsen
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Elizabeth Marie Olsen was bornat Sherman Oaks, California in 1989. She is the daughter of Jarnette and David Olsen. While an actress in her own right, she is best known for being the sister of Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen.

Unlike her sisters though, Elizabeth had a more quiet…more


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    • Elizabeth: I did lead a very charmed life growing up, but I was aware of the things that were abnormal. The only time I flew first-class was when my sisters did these cruises called "Sail With The Stars". They were the main event, so the company would fly us first-class. Other than that, never.

    • Elizabeth: (Christmas at the Olsens) My sisters and I do most of the cooking because we love it. We jazz up the holidays with mashed cauliflower. It's so delicious; it's Mary-Kate's signature.

    • Elizabeth: I've always had a complex about being taken seriously. I never wanted anyone to think that I would use my family name to get me anywhere.

    • Elizabeth: (on fashion) I like fashion, but I have no interest in designing or being a part of the fashion world. I wish I could buy whatever clothes I wanted. But I feel like people should always...I don't care how much money you have...put a limit on that. There are better things to spend money on.

    • Elizabeth: (on sisters Mary and Ashley) They give me advice all the time because they're good sisters. I am inspired by them and their work ethic and how much they're able to do. I feel like they've taken care of me my whole life.

    • Elizabeth: (on her emerging stardom) But nothing's actually changed. No one in my school knows who I am when I'm in class. It's all back to the same. I'm still in the same closet apartment in New York City.

    • Elizabeth: (on growing up the younger sister to famous actors) When I was younger, basically because there are four kids in my family and we're all five years apart, afterschool care just ended up being on set because it was easier for my parents, and there are so many people on set to watch us.

    • Elizabeth: (on choosing stage theater over film early on) I think that's why I focused so much on theater. I thought theater was a safer place because it's more free of media,..being in front of a camera was really the most frightening thing.

    • Elizabeth: (on her first scene requiring nudity) The movie wouldn't have been as disturbing without it. Taking away someone's sexuality, making it something you don't even own anymore, that's the scariest thing.

    • Elizabeth: (on learning stage combat) The teacher and I got along even though he didn't speak English. He was trying to demonstrate something and asked for a guy. I kind of scoffed and raised my hand, because he didn't ask any of the chicks to volunteer. And we did this exercise where you have to block someone from slapping your head. It was funny, though because he wasn't letting me down easy; I actually had to work to avoid getting hit.

  • I like her.

    I know very little about this young actress except what I have read about her from the news. She seems like a fascinating young lady.

    Not to be mean to her older sisters, but she seems more "real" to me. She stayed out of the limelight and is starting to star in some well received movies of the independent nature. Not to mention she looks "Olsen" but not the stickish way like her currently more famous sisters.

    Elizabeth is well traveled and has a wide threshhold of experience in theater which means a lot to me from an acting standpoint. I look forward to seeing her movies and hopefully some tv roles as well.moreless