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  • Celia Hodes rules! Watch this fan video


    Celia Hodes music by Toots and the Maytals Weeds Season 4 Ep 4
  • Elizabeth Perkins - talented, funny, dramatic & underrated

    I fell in love with this actress when I started watching Weeds on Showtime. She played Celia Hodes - neighborhood's sassy lady who is constantly drunk, hates her husband, insults her daughters and between all of this she still has some time to fight breast cancer. Mrs. Perkins nailed the role and also got nominated for many awards for her brilliant performance. I've seen her in many movies ever since where she usually played a lead's best friend or sister - not the best parts and even Elizabeth herself said that she got frustrated and bored with these parts. Fortunately, there is always television where talented actresses like Elizabeth are always needed. Looking forward to watching her new ABC sitcom in early 2013.