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    • Elizabeth: Right now, my daughter's just rolling her eyes at everything I do; I'm just an embarrassment.

    • Elizabeth: My sisters are very academically inclined so whenever they would fix me up, it would always be from someone in their world, people they would find attractive. When they came to the door in suits, it was over.

    • Elizabeth: My oldest step-son wants to direct or produce. As far as being an actor, I've already told them they have to wait until they're 18; I won't take them to auditions.

    • Elizabeth: It seems like all the good looking people have smaller dogs these days. Especially for the women, because they always come in with their little Chihuahuas and the guys come in with their Golden Retrievers.

    • Elizabeth: It doesn't happen very often that you get to work with some really good friends of yours and there's a common language between everyone, you don't have to explain what you're doing, you can just run with it. It makes it just so much easier and more relaxed.

    • Elizabeth: If you're middle aged... where're you going to go to meet someone? You're not going to go to a bar, you're not going to go to a night club; and there are the museums.

    • Elizabeth: I'm doing a series on Showtime called Weeds, which is about marijuana, so I'm going to be the marijuana mom at school now.

    • Elisabeth (about blind dating): I'd definitely consider it. My friend from high school went to internet dating and found a guy and they've been together for six years.

    • Elizabeth: I refuse to go out with a man whose ass is smaller than mine.

    • Elizabeth: I have two cats, four fish, and we used to have a mouse named Fluffball, but he just died. We gave him a proper burial in the backyard, and everyone said something nice about him.

    • Elizabeth: Diane Lane and I have been really good friends for about 12 years now, so we usually spent every lunch together and after work and before work.

    • Elizabeth: You don't necessarily always want to be with someone who works in your business. It takes a certain kind of couple that are both actors to be able to make it, and it takes a certain kind of ego and lack of competition and ability to really sustain a relationship while you're spending a lot of time apart. I'm with a cinematographer. He's very stable, and I'm highly neurotic - so it works.

    • "My nickname among my group of friends is 'Mother,' and I tend to take care of everybody."