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    • Elizabeth is the stepdaughter of Detroit Pistons owner Bill Davidson.

    • In 2008 she plays the role of Esme Cullen in the highly anticipated vampire movie Twilight, based on the best-selling book series by Stephenie Meyer.

    • Elizabeth was nominated in 2008 for a SAG Award along with her Grey's Anatomy castmates for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

    • She almost gave up her role in the movie Sweet Land because her dialogue would be in German, a language totally alien to her.

    • According to her, she was something of a rebel without a reason as a teen. She was often skipping school and even ran away to California because she "just felt constrained, somehow."

    • She attended these schools: Bloomfield Hills, Seaholm High in Birmingham and Avondale in Auburn Hills.

    • She played the role of Perdita from The Winter's Tale (Shakespeare) at New York's Classic Stage Company.

    • Landing a role in Guiding Light gave her the break to bigger opportunities like acting onstage and in independent films.

    • Attended Oakland University in Rochester Hills, Michigan for one year before getting her B.F.A. at the prestigious Juilliard School of Drama in May 1999.

    • She costarred in the play Top Girls, said to be one of the most difficult plays to perform and was held at the Williamstown Theatre Festival.

    • Craig T. Nelson is one of her favorite actors and she costarred with him in The Family Stone.

    • Elizabeth was nominated for an Independent Spirit Award for her role in Sweet Land.

    • Elizabeth stands just 5 feet 2½ inches.

    • Elizabeth has appeared in the plays Top Girls, The Winter's Tale, Sweet Bird Of Youth, Closer and Blackbird.

    • Elizabeth has appeared in many films. Her most recognized credits are probably her roles in The Family Stone and Stay.

    • Elizabeth can kiss her elbow.

    • Elizabeth indicates her first creative spark was when she read Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" in fifth grade.

    • The largest number of auditions Elizabeth has attended in a week is 15.

    • Elizabeth admits her oddest job was being a caddy at a country job. Although, she acknowledged that the golfers she caddied for gave her helpful tips, some of which she still remembers.

    • In October 2004, Elizabeth was selected by Interview Magazine as one of the "14 To Be: Emerging Creative Women".

    • According to Elizabeth, if she was a doctor in real life, she would either be a doctor who works in the ER or a doctor who works with Doctors Without Borders.

    • Elizabeth once acted in a play where only two audience members showed up.

    • Ironically, Elizabeth, who played a physician in Saved, doesn't like looking at blood, even if it's fake. She actually got faint-hearted when having to do some of the procedures shown on the show.

    • Elizabeth's favourite shows are Desperate Housewives and The West Wing.

    • Elizabeth is a vegetarian.

  • Quotes

    • Elizabeth: Within any drama in anyone's life, there's always a way to find the humor in it. Without humor no one cares about whatever drama is going on.

    • Elizabeth (when asked of her role in Grey's Anatomy): I'm scared I could get into trouble..
      (Note: her role is "top secret" according to EP, Shonda Rhimes)

    • Elizabeth (on attending Juilliard): Every day was a struggle for me there. I just didn't fit that program either. But I'm so glad now I did it, because it gave me all this technical skill I never thought I'd need. I'd never have been able to do the German phonetically in this movie (Sweet Land) if I hadn't gone to Juilliard.

    • Elizabeth: When it comes to the heart, I tend to be very serious. I don't fool around. I don't play the field. It's one at a time.

    • Elizabeth (on working with famous actors): It's great to be in films with names, but you don't necessarily become friends. I've never had the type of career that's built on whom I know. I've never worked that social angle. It takes a special talent and I don't have it, so I've just gone with trying to do a good job.

    • Elizabeth (on why she accepted her role in Saved): I like that everyone is so flawed, especially Wyatt and Alice. Their struggle is fascinating to me because it's so real.

    • Elizabeth (on being a part of Grey's Anatomy): I really am not allowed to say anything about it. I've filmed my first two episodes, but even I don't know what happens after that. All I know is that I love the show, and I've loved working with the people on it. So I'm ready for whatever happens. I hope the fans are, too.

    • Elizabeth: Having gone to Juilliard opened a few doors but it was essential to find acting roles so I could invite agents and hope against hope that they'd come and see me.

    • Elizabeth (on roadblocks in getting a real medical career): I'm potentially a really bad hypochondriac, so I have to be careful. I mean, it's pretty mild. I'm not like a real hypochondriac. But if I thought about something for long enough or if I went on the Internet and read too much about certain symptoms, I could probably start to create some serious issues for myself.

    • Elizabeth (on becoming a real doctor): I would love to be able to help people. I don't know that I could really handle it, though.

    • Elizabeth: I feel so blessed that I've been able to achieve what I have without a lot of pain and struggle. There are so many actors out there who are immensely talented and some I know are pretty close to starving.

    • Elizabeth: When you know the audiences not only like what you're doing, but that they're also responding, it's as good as it can get for an actor.

    • Elizabeth: I always wanted to be an actor, ever since I can remember. I grew up subjecting my family to really bad shows in the living room. It's what I love to do.

    • Elizabeth Reaser: Humor is the only way to make it through these intense, frightening situations that our characters face. I hung out in an ER when I was researching for this role, and I found that the doctors were really funny. They were always finding the humor within these frightening situations. Humor is real. Within any drama in anyone's life, there's always a way to find humor in it. Without humor no one cares about whatever drama is going on.

    • Elizabeth Reaser: The drama of Saved comes from the passion, the desire and the fear. It comes from the longing to connect.

    • Elizabeth Reaser: Medical dramas have life-or-death situations. Any time the stakes are that high, it's going to reveal a lot about the people who are involved. It's really the most vulnerable, the most open, most revealed you can possibly be when you're in a situation where you're trying to save someone's life.