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  • Much better than Dakota

    This girl has a gift for acting plus has better acting tecniques than Dakota.Elle is a bit overused but not as overused as Dakota and she will defenetly have a future ahead of her so good luck in the future Elle.
  • Review on Elle Fanning!

    I think that Elle Fanning the best child actress.Apart from her sister Dakota Fanning is the best child actress working today.She is 10 years old and has won 3 nominations for her work in Babel, The lost room and Daddy day care. Shes not as successful has her sister Dakota but shes is very talented. She has worked in many movies including I am Sam, Because of Winn-Dixie and Deja vu. She has worked in many more but they're just a few.She has been in CIS:NY, CSI:Miami, Criminal minds and Law and order. Just like her older sister Dakota Fanning, she will become more known and famous as time goes on.
  • the only review of her so far????

    ohmygoodness!!why hasnt elle got more reviews!!dakota has heaps!!first of all let me say ohmygosh this girl is amazing and taking after her sister so much!!not many people reconize her like they reconize dakota but you should really check out some of elles stuff!!she is very cute and an incredible actress just like her sister!!i hope one day she gets an equal ammount of credit as dakota because she definetly deserves it!!she is going to be big like dakota i can tell .she is only 9 and she has been in tons of tv shows,movies and commercials!!you should check out information of her on the web!youll fall in love with her!!after you do that check out one of her movies or soemthing then write a review!!dakota has like a million it's not fair!!oh well i give this little girl as much as i gave her big sis 1000 stars out of 10 keep the good work coming elle!!