Ellen DeGeneres
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    Here is a thread where you can talk about anyting related to Ellen. You can talk about the latest epesode of the Ellen DeGeneres Show, her funniest jokes, or anything else.
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    I'm trying so hard to get this to Ellen, I've left this posting everywhere on TV.com. If there is any way at all that someone who is reading this can get this to Ellen, please, please copy and paste this to her. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!!


    I hope I'm doing this right. I watched today's episode and (by the way, I'm from Texas so get ready for Texasisms) I tell you what, I just wanted to be there and just hug and hold you until you stopped crying. My word, doesn't that bunch of who-hahs realize that you did a good and wonderful, loving thing for that family? Blast it all, I'm still crying and can hardly type! I love dogs so much. My husband bought me my beautiful pomeranian Rosie for our 15th wedding anniversary and our rambuncheous, all out goofy, American Eskimo (we think) Gracie for our 20th anniversary. If anyone did anything to those babies, I don't know what I'd do. They should have an addendum to their so called contract that states that if you cannot keep the puppy or whatever, but you've found a loving, good home for it that they do a check and after they pass that's it. If that had happened to me, they would have had a really hard time getting that puppy from me!! I'm not a small woman, I am disabled, but get me all riled up and that's it!! You will wonder what in the thunder happened to you and where your hair went! I'm so, so sorry that this happened to you and to that wonderful family. I'm not crying anymore, now I'm just upset with those people. They just have to reconsider and they have to give that puppy back. Is there any way that you could get their email address so that we all could do an email campaign to "Give the Puppy Back!". I'll start it and if you'll put it on your website then everybody who loves you and your show can join in--even if they aren't an animal lover, they'll do this I betcha!

    Ellen, you just know that I'll be praying that the Lord speaks to those people's hearts and gives that puppy back. That whatever the procedure is, someone is on the phone to those lovely people telling them how to get the puppy back and then everyone will feel so much better. Girl, you just broke my heart. I hope someone from the shelter was watching. If they were, they are probably hitting themselves right now wishing that they'd never even considered going to get that puppy much less actually doing it!

    Think about putting that email address on your website. I think that would really help. I just joined TV.com just so I could write you and hopefully let you know how much I care about this situation and what my idea is. As Gladys would say, "just keep on keepin' on".

    Love ya,


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