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  • Like Ellen but tired of seeing Kardashians on show. So stopped watching

    Seems like everyone including E network is up the Kardashian ass. What are they afraid of? Tuning out.
  • help us ellen please!!!!

    hi Ellen my name is Maria Lucia I am 13 years old I need your help surprising my grandma. grandma is my guardian with also my 3 brothers, we don't live with my mother because she never really took care of us as children. thank god my grandma found this program that can help and support her. the program is helping me and my brothers stay with my grandma legally. I live in San Antonio Tx, I ask you to help me and my brothers, and grandmother with a house. I am scared one day my grandma will pass away and then have me and my 3 younger brothers live. please read my messege and help us if you have any questions please text me on messenger on my Face book page thank you Ellen you are an incredible woman please help me

    Ellen, could you please take a look at the "go fund me page" of Karlee Urquhart Cope for her "Play School House". This is a dear friend of mine, she is severly hard of hearing and the stay at home mother of 4 almost 5 children. She educates her children out of her home and makes learning fun for them AND their friends. She lives in Henderson NV, where her husband runs his business out of their home. Karlee's eldest son, Dillon, is in 3rd grade and is already reading at a 5th grade level and loves algebra. He wants to go to college With all the school supplies, crafts, children and her husbands business under the same roof, they are looking to buy a building that will house the "play school house" where she can teach and tutor children the neighborhood that cannot afford a traditional tutor. Karlee makes Learning FUN!!!! This would mean the world to Karlee and go a very long way in the Henderson NV area. I hope you can help. You are such an incredible person. Thank you for all you do Ellen. Most Sincerely, Darlene Fielstra
  • help me ellen

    ellen help me see nicki minaj please or i will die i will give up please
  • the most perfect woman I'd ever want to meet

    You are the funniest most generous kind loving lady I've ever not met.

    There is no better person in the world. Thanks for the laughs. 9188137303. I hear you call people during the day. I haven't been able to watch you in forever. My daughter told me. Call me if you want. Ill be at work. But call me. That would be incredible!!!
  • TX Fan LOVES your HEART and Passion for others.

    Hi Ellen, I live in the North TX/Dallas area and I just want to say I love your show and how heart felt you display your views. I relate to you so much and my friend's have described me as having "a huge heart". I'd rather have that quality than any other quality of my character. I wish there were more people like you in the world!!! God bless you and I love Gladys from Austin . Lots of Smiles, Cathy
  • Fan from South Africa

    Hi I started watching your shows last year when I was on maternity leave on mseries, now I can't stop watching so I record all your shows for the week & watch it on weekends. I just love you you are amazing. I know it won't happen but I'm dreaming to meet you one day nothing wrong with dreaming. Anyway keep on doing what you do best. Love Carmen Siebritz :-)
  • Please

    please can i sing on your episode
  • my family needs to get home 34

    im so sorry i was not one of you viewers to be chosen to go to i will keep on son and his family left Georgia to get the chance to have the privilege to experience to give my granddaughter a other learning was transfer d and off they went ,well a yr. later he's lost his job and his family is just found that will half to leave there ,pass to stay in country will expire and that they will have no where to live .My son has a job here in Colorado and is doing work from home ,but that is not enough .im sending money from my retirement ,his father is in another state with his family and he put in 15,000 ,and aunt we still have not got enough .Please keep in mind they other than my son ,daughter in law, granddaughter 3 i know know how loved you are and how you help people in tough times ,it just don't get any tuffer than this in my eyes and i hope in yours .God bless you and the thing's do for othere and the smiles you put on our Sharon
  • Love you

    Dear Ellen, I watch your show every day I love you so my mom loves you the most.2years ago my mom got the chickenpox's and all she wanted to do was watch chickenpox's went to her brain so she was sick for 1 now my mom has a concussion and Brain concussion we mean so much to me if you could get me tickets for my mom.
  • What happen to Kobe on March 19, 2013?

    I was looking forward to catching up (if you will) with Kobe, my son first saw Kobe at Cal State Long Beach Pyramid Center. My son James played with the YMCA basketball for about three years and I have fond memories of my son and me watching Kobe with the Lakers with all of his wins. Unfortunately my son is now in prison and is only 23 year olds and I wanted to watch Kobe to bring back some my fond memories of James and myself watching The Lakers. Ellen you give me so much joy and a reason to keeping my chins up (LOL) as one of my friends would say. That's one of the many reasons I watch your show. Today will be another day without my son, my son is in a Mississippi State Prison and I live her in Las Vegas. And, I will be seeing him in about eight years; I can't afford to fly out to see him as I'm not working at the moment. Esther Lilly
  • loves animals

    dear ellen, i watch your show almost everyday. i love you and your show. i thought that you might want to do a spot on buck. you can go to his facebook page called Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries. tami has taken it upon herself to raise money for his injuries and has started a foundation in his name. she is also trying to raise money for crime stoppers reward. he has a big heart and what happened to him is a tragady. i thought of you to maybe raise awareness to her unconditional love for buck and the sacrifies she has made in the name of love. there is a video on his page that shows everything he has had to go through because of a sick person who thought they could get away with attempted have helped with what i could do and wish i could do more. it just makes me sick that this happened to a beautiful spirit. i pray everyday for him. you are such a great person. i love you and your show ellen. keep on rockin'
  • i would love to be able to meet you in person...

    Hi Ellen

    i just wanted to say that i love your show and i watch it every day, you are a very funny lady and i love how you help people in need, i am on disability and i am in pain every day so i can not do many things i enjoy watching your show it brightens my day, i just recently went through a divorce after 17 years of marraige, it was the hardest thing i have ever went through, i would love to come see your show but i am on disability and all the money i get goes for my bills, so i dont have enough for a plane ticket to be able to come and see you, it would make my day if i was able to come and see you. i am praying that one day i am able to come see you, i love you Ellen... yours truely.. Tina Rodgers..
  • Hi Ellen

    Hi Ellen i just want to say that your show is the best. Your so funny and i have been watching your show for a long time. I'm only 13 years old and so in love with your show and one directin. It was so cool to see them on your show. Anyway i just wanted to say hi if you get this that would be great. Your so cool and so friendly to people thats why so many people like your show ypur just so cool and optimistic. Its great to have someone like you to cheer people up. Bye!! :)

  • Ellen Please Help My Family.

    Dear Ellen,

    Please help us save our home. My family lost a beloved grandmother, mother and wife July 10, 2011 and now we are losing our home, we have no where else to go, we cant afford the bills ever since my mom passed away. I cant even afford christmas presents for my kids this year they plan of taking our home January 7th 2013 my family and i would greatly appreaciate it if you could help us save our home and put a smile back on my dads face. thank you for listening to my story. My name is Tina and my email address is .
  • Help me Ellen, I can't find it?

    Sorry this is not a comment or review, but I want to enter your 12 days of Christmas Contest, and I can't find it on . I'm 65 and don't know much about computers, and this would be at least a shot at seeing your show in person. You always make my day a little brighter, and I thank you for that.. Your show is always upbeat and fun. Bonnie Brown
  • Kind person!

    I love her!

    She has a sense of great humor; moreover, she devotes herself to the charities and she loves animals, that's the reason why i like her so much!

  • The best person in the world.

    Funny, smart, beautiful, can dance, and makes you happy.
  • Madonna

    Your show with Madonna today was great !!!


  • love your show

    I am a huge fan from Nigeria (Africa),well all i can say is keep up the good work love ya
  • Pedir uma coisa para Ellen

    Amo muito o programa e gostaria de pefir uma coisa pra Ellen amo muito voces muitos beijo
  • Gave it the benefit of the doubt but...

    it's awful. Nothing but woman screaming continually for no obivious reason except that they can scream. Her jokes and punch lines are too predictable and very dry. Didn't understand why she felt the need to go up into the audience to show them how one suffers from having an epilepsy attack. I was told later that she was "danicing". Hard to tell the difference with her form of dancing. If this is what "daytime entertainment" has become, then I'll stick with watching 24 hours of the weather channel.
  • I don't get it. Why does everyone like her so much and why is she so popular. Almost everyone thinks she is the funniest person in the world, but to me she is the unfunniest person in the world. I'm probably gonna make a lot of people mad.


    But what do I care. Anyways whenever Ellen comes on tv. Skip it and watch something better on TV. Heck, I would rather watch The Chevy Chase Show because that is actually funny, despite the fact that way too many people hate it and don't find it funny. I, however find it to be one of the most underrated shows ever made.

  • She is her own person and makes no excuses about who she is....

    She is a natural comedian. I love her show and all she has accomplished in her life. She was very brave to come out when she did. I applaud her for that. Her life has not been all peaches and cream. She has endured the media and bashing from anti-gay critics. She has stood her ground and never swayed from what she believes in. She seems to be a private person about her personal life and the media is always looking for something to talk about. Ellen is very devoted to her mother and her upbringing in New Orleans. She has donated so much to help rebuild after the hurricane. Ellen is a very genorous person and all she does comes straight from the heart. Love you Ellen....
  • Ellen is great!!!

    Ellen is a great comedian, and it's great also that a women is finally as popular (I'm mean in the comedy way) all the other men, not saying that men aren't good either !!!!! Anyway I'm glad she's started her new talk show, although I don't have enough time to watch it when I'm sick or something, I love to watch it and stay in bed, lol !!!! I'm disapointed though when I see a rerun, but I do think that other people might not have seen it !! The point is Ellen has come a long way !!!! Yay! for Ellen...haha
  • I love Ellen DeGeneres. She is the most funnyest person on tv.

    I love Ellen Degeners. She is funny and talented. Every movie and show that she was in was great. I used to watch Ellen. I watched it on Lifetime. Now I watch the the Ellen Degeneres show. Her show is so funny. She is the best talk show host on televison. She does all these crazy and funny things. Like one time she did her show in rewind. She started at the end and went backwards. She has also done her show in New York. She did two episodes in one. That is why I love Ellen Degeneres. She is so funny.
  • One of the funniest people ever!

    Ellen Degeneres is one of the best comiedians I have ever seen. She has her own talk show, which is filled with humor, in and especially inbetween interviews with many celebertys and talented children. Ellen also does standup comedy. Between The Beginning and Here and Now, my friends and I are always quoting her. In her comedys, she talks about everything in life, from bugs, to yougart, to changing rooms. When you watch Ellens standup or show, you will also be treated to seeing her dance.

    I would highly reccomend watching Ellen, for you will definintly be laughing along for hours!
  • Ellen DeGeneres is a very comical lady- she is so funny-loved her TV show, and now love her talk show!!

    Except for the fact of her sexual lifestyle, (doesn't matter to me one way or the other really!) we actually have alot in common- I too was raised Christian Science, am funny, but just an average girl with an average life here- Ellen is so funny, she makes you laugh when you are sad, and picks you up when things are down- She is always trying to help out with little and big stuff, and give back to the average people- I don't know what I'd do if her talk show went off- I try not to miss any of her shows, but when I'm at work- I try to tape them...like for instance when she was in Orlando w/ Howie Mandell, The BLUE MAN GROUP, and Lynyrd Skynyrd! Way cool show- loved when she was throwing food into peoples mouth! Hilarious!! I tried to call her, but no return call yet, >I'd prob. freak out if she actually called me anyhow- I just wanted her to teach me to dance- but I guess she's a busy lady! Maybe, just maybe one day, I'll get to see her in person, and tell her how cool I think she is!! Later Ellen -Keep "em Laughing!!- Vicki from VA
  • A very entertaining person.

    Ellen Degeneres is both a very talented and beautiful woman. I think she knows how to get an audiences attention and keep them laughing. She is a very funny person. She is also very beautiful. She has one of the most amazing eyes I've ever seen. I hate to say but I think many people judge her because of her sexual orientation rather than on who she is. Too bad for them, because their the ones missing out a good person with great talent.
  • Ellen Degeneres got her start as a stand up comedian then moved on to have a hugely popular show Ellen. After she outed on the show it was Canceled. She is now the host of her own talk show The Ellen Degeneres Show.

    A very funny person she is one of the great comedians of our time. She makes me laugh every day on her show and the show Ellen is great too. She is a great dancer too :P and her personality shines through and is very infectious and wonderful! She makes me smile every day!
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