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  • who the heck doesnt like her?

    if you dont like ellen, you're crazy. shes naturally funny, always sweet, and shes absolutely awesome to watch. her talk show is one of my favourites- actually, its the only one i ever watch when i get the chance in the afternoons. shes genuinely funny, and genuinely a good person. she doesnt play it up for the camera, she is who she is. shes proud of who she is, and in Hollywood... that cant be said for many. i think shes wonderful, and i hope her and portia are extremely happy. i love that shes always trying to find a way to give back - whether its through the games on her talk show, ellens bail out plan [or whatever its called, haha], or simply making a little boys day [Canadian kid dying of cancer whos dream is to meet ellen-- they sent him a bunch of things from the show/two tickets]... to animal organizations. shes got a big heart.
  • One of America's best comedians

    Ellen, is one of America's best comedians, because she stays true to herself and does not care what other people think, she is her own person, and her crazy personality and dances that she does just shows that she is not afraid to be herself.

    I haven't watched much of her show, but its one of the few talk shows that is decent, and that I can stand to watch.

    Ellen also provided the voice of Dory, in Disney/Pixar's Finding Nemo, Dory is a blue regal fish that suffers from short term memory loss, and Ellen was perfect for the part.
  • Ellen is without doubt the funniest person on earth.

    Ellen is without doubt the funniest person on earth. I have listened to her “phone call to God” probably a thousand times and it still gets me rolling on the floor with laughter. Unfortunately, I live in Europe and don’t get to see her daily show. She has earned the respect of many people for her activism for gay rights, animal rights, and in collecting money to help the hurricane Katrina victims. She is an amazing person. I desperately want to read her books, but, living at the back of nowhere, I can’t find them in any of the shops. Hopefully, I’ll get my visa soon and will be able to get them off the internet.
  • Hoping that the production of ELLEN DEGENERES will last..that will entertain the viewers. MOre Power!!!!!

    Ellen is a gorgeous and talented person that everyone will look up to her and watch her show. The first time i\\\'ve seen her i was curious and from that curiosity i kept on watching her shoe and i enjoyed it. Why? I dont knoe, because for me she\\\'s an extra ordinary gay person who you can relate too. And being her as what you can see, she has no hesitations whoever the person\\\'s shes talking too. She is a true person and i love the way she portrays being a comedian host. Shes really GREAT!!!! and i wish i can meet her in person. Keep your show alive and happy.. i will look forward everyday and update my email always .
    To you ELLEN... take care and god bless

    Its me,
  • Ellen degeneres is one great perosn that i will wawy's look up too no matter what.she in the best and she can never be replat as a person or talk show host.As one of her biggest fan's i say ellen thank you for being your self and being just you.

    I wounld like to take a moment and say thank you to ellen and potria for being your self's.Becues alont of us that are young can now come out and say that we are gay to are family's.Intined of staying ow i not but we know deep down we are.
  • Ellen DeGeneres is my idol!! Her talk show is PERFECT! she's such an amazing woman. I read her 2 books and her mom's book. I started crying when I read her mom's book. ellen is just...amazing.

    Ellen DeGerens is great just cuz she is different. I look up to her for that. she just teaches everyone to be themselves. She's one of the greatest people alive. How could u not like her from the emmy hosting that she did in 2001. she was the host and she made the WHOLE country laugh for the very first time. the toughest critics even say that that was the best emmy hosting job ever.

    Her show is AMAZING! it's different from all the other talk shows. That's like every celebritie's favorite talk show to get invited to. cuz she's so friendly. and she does the most random and most bizzarre things. she isn't all proper and classy like oprah. the celebrities love the show cuz they can come in their pj's and she won't care. or they can jus jump on chairs and couches, adn it will be normal. adn she doesn't view the audience ppl, as jus, audience ppl. she gets them involved. she gets ppl from the outside world involved as much has she can. it's not jus a show for celebrities. there's this lil 3 year old girl from the city i'm from, that's gonna go on her show on monday, jus because she sent a video into ellen singing her the 50 states, for her b-day. there's so many normal ppl that have beceom semi famous from ehr show even. like this guy she named "carl" from the audience. and this old lady she named "kitty." and she now calls this one old lady once a week. her name her wanda mcdevitt. she calls her to jus tal kto her. it's so cool! ellen loves the people, and the people love her because she doesn't have that stick up her butt like most celebrities do, cuz they think they are all high and mighty. she doesn't. and her comedy is original!! it's none of this political crap that every single comedian is doing. it's actually original.
  • Ellen is at her best when she is entertaining the public. Everything seems to come natural to her and the people she comes in contact with feel completely comfortable.

    i have watched Ellen ever since her TV show and have followed her ever since. While at work I would take my lunch at 10amc just to watch her talk show. Now that I am unemployed the only time my TV goes on is to watch her talk show at 3pmc. No matter how down and out I am she makes my day. I hope she lasts even longer than Ophra.
  • She's so funny, her jokes are are so simple that you'd remember them on a daily basis!!!

    I can't get enough of this funny funny woman!!! I've watched her CD of Now and Then for several times now and since her jokes are pretty much from regular, everyday situations, I can't help but remember her and actually imagine her delivering the jokes when something like that happens to me! A good example is how we used to "roll down our car window" and how it's now a matter of pushing a button. Even though we use a button now, we still do the "roll down the window" motion to tell someone to well, roll down the window! I mean, who does a "push the button" gesture and actually understands the meaning of that?!?!?! I LOVE HER!!!
  • She's creepy

    I've seen her shows and they are a bummer to the people watching. The reason why people love her because she's giving free stuff to them. She looks creepy. She dates creepily. Ellen is probably a female version of Carson Kresly from "Queer Eye for the straight guy". Ellen should get the boot from Hollywood and just be quiet. Whe should be in a straitjacket or tied down to her bed or something because she's crazy!

    What a suck up.
  • This lady is the funniest person ever!!!

    I love Ellen! Her show is hilarious, and the movies shes done make me laugh so hard my sides ache. She has the funniest sense of humor! One of the best things about her is that she's openly gay, and shes fine with it. I don't see why people say they don't like her since she's gay, she has to be the funniest person alive!!!
  • Funniest woman ever!

    I have a bit of a odd sense of humor but Ellen DeGeneres is so funny I would say she is the best female comic ever! I try to watch everything she is in.
    It just seems to come natural to her and I really admire her because she is not a fake.
    I would really love to get her show shown in Australia.
  • In my opinion, the funniest person alive

    Ellen Degeneres is one of the funniest people alive. She's extremely talented and has made her mark on TV, in the stand up comedy circuit and in movies. Everything I've seen her in makes me roll on the floor, from Dory in Finding Nemo, her stand up routines or her just being her on The Ellen Degeneres Show. She continues to impress me and I can't wait to see her host the Emmy's later this fall.
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