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  • who the heck doesnt like her?

    if you dont like ellen, you're crazy. shes naturally funny, always sweet, and shes absolutely awesome to watch. her talk show is one of my favourites- actually, its the only one i ever watch when i get the chance in the afternoons. shes genuinely funny, and genuinely a good person. she doesnt play it up for the camera, she is who she is. shes proud of who she is, and in Hollywood... that cant be said for many. i think shes wonderful, and i hope her and portia are extremely happy. i love that shes always trying to find a way to give back - whether its through the games on her talk show, ellens bail out plan [or whatever its called, haha], or simply making a little boys day [Canadian kid dying of cancer whos dream is to meet ellen-- they sent him a bunch of things from the show/two tickets]... to animal organizations. shes got a big heart.