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  • loves animals

    dear ellen, i watch your show almost everyday. i love you and your show. i thought that you might want to do a spot on buck. you can go to his facebook page called Buck Needs Bucks for his Buckshot Injuries. tami has taken it upon herself to raise money for his injuries and has started a foundation in his name. she is also trying to raise money for crime stoppers reward. he has a big heart and what happened to him is a tragady. i thought of you to maybe raise awareness to her unconditional love for buck and the sacrifies she has made in the name of love. there is a video on his page that shows everything he has had to go through because of a sick person who thought they could get away with attempted have helped with what i could do and wish i could do more. it just makes me sick that this happened to a beautiful spirit. i pray everyday for him. you are such a great person. i love you and your show ellen. keep on rockin'