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  • What happen to Kobe on March 19, 2013?

    I was looking forward to catching up (if you will) with Kobe, my son first saw Kobe at Cal State Long Beach Pyramid Center. My son James played with the YMCA basketball for about three years and I have fond memories of my son and me watching Kobe with the Lakers with all of his wins. Unfortunately my son is now in prison and is only 23 year olds and I wanted to watch Kobe to bring back some my fond memories of James and myself watching The Lakers. Ellen you give me so much joy and a reason to keeping my chins up (LOL) as one of my friends would say. That's one of the many reasons I watch your show. Today will be another day without my son, my son is in a Mississippi State Prison and I live her in Las Vegas. And, I will be seeing him in about eight years; I can't afford to fly out to see him as I'm not working at the moment. Esther Lilly