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  • my family needs to get home 34

    im so sorry i was not one of you viewers to be chosen to go to i will keep on son and his family left Georgia to get the chance to have the privilege to experience to give my granddaughter a other learning was transfer d and off they went ,well a yr. later he's lost his job and his family is just found that will half to leave there ,pass to stay in country will expire and that they will have no where to live .My son has a job here in Colorado and is doing work from home ,but that is not enough .im sending money from my retirement ,his father is in another state with his family and he put in 15,000 ,and aunt we still have not got enough .Please keep in mind they other than my son ,daughter in law, granddaughter 3 i know know how loved you are and how you help people in tough times ,it just don't get any tuffer than this in my eyes and i hope in yours .God bless you and the thing's do for othere and the smiles you put on our Sharon