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    • (On her show, 2003)
      Ellen: We'd love to see you skate.
      Pink: Are you gonna skate with me? C'mon you got the shoes.
      Ellen (unenthused): Yeah, in a minute. (everyone laughs)
      Pink (stands up with skateboard): Alright. I think I might lose this though. (picks up her microphone)
      Ellen: Well, hold onto it. Tuck it into your obliques. (everyone laughs)
      Pink: I didn't dress for this. Okay, I'm ready.
      Ellen: I wish we had a ramp.
      Pink: I have a ramp.
      Ellen: Do you?
      Pink: Yeah. In my backyard. (Pink skates to the other side of the set)
      Ellen: Alright, roll on back over this way. I'm not gonna try it 'cause everyone here would be outta work then. (everyone laughs)