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    • (At Arthur Ashe Kid's Day, watching Andy Roddick and Andre Agassi play a tennis match, she is the judge)
      Ellen: Andre your serve. What I love also about the game is that it's quiet. I like that people really respect the players and there's no talking or screaming. (Andre raises his racket at her) Especially when Wimbledon is going on you can here them say "quiet, please." (everyone laughs) And I like that, I think that it's respectful (Andre serves, and him and Andy hit it back and forth) to not talk while the player is hitting the ball because that's when you need to concentrate the most. You need to actually concentrate on the game, where's the ball going, what is my mind thinking right now, keep it quiet and let's let the players…(She stops as they stop rallying, and makes a judgment call) Out.
      Andre: His was out.
      Ellen: I'm sorry, Andre. I'm talking. (everyone laughs)
      Andre: His went out. This went out.
      Ellen: Alright, that went out over there, Andy, so it's Andre's point. I'm sorry, I have to take his word for it. Why would he lie? (everyone laughs, it's now Andy's turn to serve) What I was saying before is how important it is to be quiet. I'll tell you what's not a quiet game…is football. (Andy goes to serve but stops) but golf and tennis…quiet. And that's what I like about it.
      Andy: That's good. You done? (everyone laughs)
      Ellen: I'm not sure. (Andy laughs, Ellen stays quiet, and he goes to serve it) No, I'm not, I started thinking…(Ellen, Andy and everyone else laughs)