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    • Interviewer (talking about her break up with Anne Heche): That didn't make you an angry
      person, even for a little while?
      Ellen: Look, I was in a relationship that was extremely public. Everybody has been in relationships that they look back and go, "That wasn't good." And there were some things that were extremely, you know, tough to deal with. I was really happy, and it turned out to be something different. It was the first time that I've ever had my heart broken. Broken in the largest way. In smithereens. I'd always be the one to leave. I never thought I'd be to this point where I could sit here, four years later, and be so grateful, but I feel like I'm a different person now.
      Interviewer: Even by celebrity standards, that was a pretty scandal-ridden period in your life.
      Ellen: It was really positive at first. But then -- right after I came out, I think -- I found a lump in my breast that we thought was cancer, and I had to get a lumpectomy. Then I was coming home from a premiere one night and the limo driver hit a dog. It died in my arms on the way to the hospital. We're coming home from this beautiful night, and all of a sudden this horrible, horrible thing happens. And all these things were happening in my life. The worst-case scenario: Well, it would be really bad if I had breast cancer. Then what would be bad? If I hit an animal. If I lost my career. You know, it would be bad to have my heart broken. It would be bad if she ended up with somebody I knew. Everything in a concentrated period of a year happened. And you know, most people's love lives are what they are, and they also have their careers. Even if you're suffering through a breakup, you still go to work every day. But my breakup was part of the reason I couldn't go to work every day! Everything disappeared at once.