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    • Ellen (at a PETA event, '00): Hi, my name is Ellen and I'm a vegetarian. Just to add another label to me. (everyone laughs) I'm a lesbian, Aquarian, vegetarian. (everyone laughs) There, I said it. I love animals, not in that way-- (everyone laughs) but I watch Discovery Channel, I watch Animal Planet. That crocodile guy is insane, isn't he? (everyone laughs) (in Australian accent) "Ooh, that one almost caught me." (normal voice) He gets bit every single time. He holds it in front of his face like that, what is he expecting? (everyone laughs) You learn fascinating things watching that----like penguins, I like the animals that are monogamous. To me that's an amazing thing. Penguins are monogamous. They mate for life, which doesn't surprise me that much because they all look exactly alike. (everyone laughs) It's not like they're gonna meet a better looking penguin someday, you know? (everyone laughs)