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    • Interviewer (During an interview. Talking about her talk show, 2004) : You exude so much positive energy on the show. Where does that come from?
      Ellen: The liquor. (laughs) I'm sure of it.
      Interviewer: Snuggling up with John Travolta, riding the roller-coaster with Jude Law, getting down on the floor with Britney Spears doing crunches.
      Ellen: I'll do anything for a laugh. I love the show. I love doing it. I get so much from it. It's an amazing thing that I lost everything from being me and then I'm now just being me and it feels good on many, many levels.
      Interviewer: You know, they say in life and especially in entertainment, there are no second acts. So, how did you do it? What do you think enabled you to make maybe one of the biggest comebacks in recent memory?
      Ellen: I don't know. And I just kept coming back. I wouldn't stay down, you know. I could've. My feelings were really hurt. I was really sensitive. So part of it is luck and part of it is talent. And part of it is perseverance.
      Interviewer: Was there a time when you wondered if your career in Hollywood was over?
      Ellen: Oh, I didn't just wonder. I was sure.