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    • Ellen (2004): When I made the decision to come out, everything was great. And I really naively thought nobody's going to care, you know. It's like, I'm going to just now say, by the way, I'm gay I mean, all of my business people, all my people, were saying, don't do it, you know.
      Interviewer: Is that right?
      Ellen: Oh, yeah.
      Interviewer: They were telling you, bad move?
      Ellen: Oh, yeah. 'Don't do it. Don't do it.'
      Interviewer: But you just weren't going to listen to them?
      Ellen: I couldn't listen to them. I had to listen to me. You know? It's my life. It's my heart. It's my soul. It's my journey. And it's who I am.
      Interviewer: Going further back, Ellen, earlier in your life. What was the process life for you where you realized and accepted being gay Was there a time where that unfolded for you?
      Ellen: Yeah, you know. And I think it was shocking to me. It was shocking to my mom. It was shocking to everybody. Because, you know, I had boyfriends. And I was boy-crazy. And almost got married in high school.
      Interviewer: You went through all that?
      Ellen: Oh, yeah. It's--I mean, there are certain people who know early on. And that's who they are. And I, you know, I didn't know at all.
      Interviewer: So how old were you when it became clear in your mind that you were?
      Ellen: Like, 19, 20.
      Interviewer: Pretty soon after that, you shared it with your mother?
      Ellen: Mm-hm. First of all, she didn't understand it, and then she went to the library and read about homosexuality, which I can only imagine what those books were. You know? She probably first got Homo sapiens and read that. That's probably the only book they had. Well, what's wrong with that? So what, she's a Homo sapiens? Aren't we all? But, see, she was great. All this-- thought it was a phase. And she thought I'd, you know, go through it and-- like the tube top. Oh, she won't wear that after a certain amount of time. And I don't.
      Interviewer: So, she was right about that.
      Ellen: Yeah. She aw right about the tube top. That was a phase…So, you know, she was very accepting. You know, I don't know, it wasn't a big thing for me to accept.