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    • Kate Walsh: Here's the thing, when I was walking down the cell block, and I was like the last cell it was a horror movie, it was freezing cold, they keep it chilly in there. Even in August it was chilly.
      Ellen: How rude! (audience laughs)
      Kate Walsh: Yeah, so I turned the corner, and I saw my cellmates, who were spooning, they were spooning. A couple of girls just tryin' to keep warm. (everyone laughs) And I went in…and…
      Ellen (laughs): "Hi!"
      Kate Walsh (laughs): Yeah, I'm like "Hi. I'm Kate." (everyone is laughing)
      Ellen: So did they stop spooning and introduce themselves?
      Kate Walsh: I didn't wanna wake them, and y'know, I was like let them sleep. And the crying, the hysterical crying and keening...
      Ellen: Woke them up?
      Kate Walsh: Yeah, and they told me to shut up. (everyone laughs) And then they asked me what I was in for. And I was like I threw a cue ball and they're like what?
      Ellen: What were they in for?
      Kate Walsh: Some shop lifting, some grand theft larsney. (audience laughs)
      Ellen: But they didn't steal warm enough clothes that they had to spoon.
      Kate Walsh: It was August in Chicago, like 800% humidity and 400 degrees…
      Ellen: And yet they keep it cold in the slammer---good to know. (audience laughs) Yeah, if you're planning on getting arrested, bring a warm jacket--
      Kate Walsh: Yeah if you're planning on getting arrested bring a sweater. (audience laughs)
      Ellen: Yeah, a nice sweater set.
      Kate Walsh: Maybe a little thermos for hot coffee.