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    • (With the cast of the West Wing on her show, 2006)
      (On what everyone's keeping from the West Wing set)
      Ellen: And what's everyone else keeping?
      Allison Janney: Well, I'm keeping-- I love the president's balls. (audience, her castmates, and Ellen laugh)
      Alan Alda: I knew it! I knew it!
      Allison Janney: Let me finish. (audience is still laughing) I'm sorry, I'm so sorry to all of you, really. They're glass balls, what do you call them…(audience laughs)
      Ellen: Paperweights.
      Allison Janney: …paperweights. (audience continues to laugh) They're glass paperweights on the presidents desk, they're beautiful.
      Ellen: They use them as paperweights? (Ellen tries to keep a straight face, Alan Alda laughs, audience laughs) Alright, so you're keeping those.
      Allison Janney: Yes, let's move on. (audience laughs)
      Ellen: Martin?
      Martin Sheen: I've seen 'em.
      Jimmy Smits: Beautiful set or what?
      Martin Sheen: No, no, I don't have a clue. I haven't thought about taking anything.
      Ellen: Well, think about it 'cause people are grabbin' stuff now. (everyone laughs, Ellen tries to keep a straight face) Mary McCormack, Joshua Malina, Kristin Chenoweth , will be out here after this. The balls are gone already so…