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    • (With the cast of the West Wing, on her show, 2006)
      Richard Schiff: Your producers told me that every time John Spencer came on the show he brought you flowers. So I thought it was appropriate that we continue that traditon. (hands her the roses)
      Ellen: Thank you, that's so sweet.
      Richard Schiff: Plus I want a date. (everyone laughs)
      Ellen: Ut oh. Thank you so much, yeah, he used to grow roses in his garden and he brought them.
      Richard Schiff: Well, they're not from my garden but they're the best I could do.
      Ellen: Thank you, they're beautiful, gigantic, I've never seen such large roses. You are special. (audience laughs) Let me ask you a question, since the cast is so large, we had to split up the cast---
      Martin Sheen: We didn't like them anyway. (audience laughs)
      Ellen: Yeah, well, they're here and they're backstage listenin' to this. (audience laughs)