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    • Ellen: No, I didn't know I was gay. I realized it when I moved out of New Orleans and was in a very small town. I can't really talk about this because it was such a small town; they'll know who my gay experience was with. Then I went back to New Orleans, thinking, oh, it was just that experience. Thinking, It was just her. And then I met a group of girls. One girl was bisexual, and I had an experience with her. I was still dating guys, and I remember thinking OK, this was just her again. And then I got into a relationship with this girl, and we went into a gay bar. It was my first experience. I was 18 years old, and it was the weirdest thing in the world to walk in and see a whole bunch of girls all dancing together. And I was uncomfortable. But it didn't take long for that to wear off. Then I lived in gay bars. Not the healthiest experience, which is what's really sad. It's the only place where we could go then. Of course, now there's lots more places. But when you're a young girl in a small town...
      The Advocate: Were you telling yourself that you were bisexual?
      Ellen: I was still trying to date guys, and then I just gave up on guys. I wasn't really labeling myself at all at first, and then I think I'd decided I was gay. I realized I was definitely gay. I kept having bad experiences with girls, so I tried dating guys again. Then I thought, I'm running out of genders. Where am I going to go next? I was with a really sweet guy. I had sex with only two guys. I tried to have sex with him and just didn't enjoy it. I mean, just kissing a girl was so exciting to me, and kissing a guy was just so blah. Now all the guys are going to hate me. Guys reading this, I love you.